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I'm a writer living in Oakland with my wife, three dogs, four cats, and too many spinning wheels and instruments to count.


My three-book series will be out from Harper Collins (Avon) next year. I guess you could say that I write romantic suspense, but it's light on the suspense, heavy on the romance.

My wife Lala is hot, smart, talented, and wicked fun. We've been married three times (once illegally, once legally in Canada, and once legally in California, which, thanks to Prop 8, ain't legal any more).

Digit is the cat of my heart. The others are just back-up animals.

My mother died June 12, 2008. I still don't really get that. I miss her all the time.

I play the ukulele badly. I sing. I'm learning the fiddle.

We are planning on having chickens. In Oakland. Yep.