Come See Me! February 9, 2010


Los Gatos, California (with Sophie Littlefield and Gigi Pandian)
July 15, 7pm, Village House of Books

San Antonio, Texas
RWA National - July 24, 3pm, Penguin NAL signing (must be registered for conference for this one, I'm sorry)

Sydney, Australia
August 9, ARRA signing, 5pm, Olympic Park

Christchurch, New Zealand
August 13, reading, 3pm, Hornby Paper Plus

Wellington, New Zealand
August 16, reading/knitting, Holland Road Yarn, 1pm

Melbourne, Australia
August 23-24, Melbourne Writer's Festival, floating around! 

Rachael's Book Club

I would LOVE to knit and chat everywhere, but of course, I can't, logistically. But I can come to your local yarn store or book club, free, courtesy of Skype. Just have five or more people who've read my book and I'll skype in for an hour or so to visit. Easy and soooo fun!

Video calling is easy and FREE on Skype. Just GO HERE and install Skype on your computer. Then we'll just set up a visiting time. We'll both make sure we're online at the same time, and the video visit is on (you may want to use a laptop and hook up external speakers for ease of hearing/viewing at your book club party).

I'd love to hang out. Shoot me an email at to schedule a visit! It's free and fun! Thanks so much!

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