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Come See Me!


With Sophie Littlefield
Diesel Books, Oakland, CA - Book Launch Party!
Thursday March 6, 7pm  

Barnes & Noble, San Luis Obispo CA
Saturday March 8, 11am

With Sophie Littlefield and Gigi Pandian
Read Books, Danville CA
Thursday March 13, 7pm

Women and Children First, Chicago IL
Tuesday March 18, 7pm

New Bo Books, Cedar Rapids IA 
Wednesday March 19, 7pm

IndyReads, Indianapolis IN
Friday March 21, 7pm

The Learned Owl Book Shop, Hudson OH
Saturday March 22, 1pm

Ben McNally Books, Toronto ON
Monday March 24, 6pm


Rachael's Book Club

I would LOVE to knit and chat everywhere, but of course, I can't, logistically. But I can come to your local yarn store or book club, free, courtesy of Skype. Just have five or more people who've read my book and I'll skype in for an hour or so to visit. Easy and soooo fun!

Video calling is easy and FREE on Skype. Just GO HERE and install Skype on your computer. Then we'll just set up a visiting time. We'll both make sure we're online at the same time, and the video visit is on (you may want to use a laptop and hook up external speakers for ease of hearing/viewing at your book club party).

I'd love to hang out. Shoot me an email at [email protected] to schedule a visit! It's free and fun! Thanks so much!


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Please, please, please come to Colorado (Colorado Springs or Denver). Or route your trip thru DIA and I'll meet you in the airport with the book in my hot little hand. Congrats little Rabbit (but you were always real 'cuz we love you!).

Ditto to Tish's comment, please come to Denver! (we would even arrange a special Alpaca Farms and Awesome Knitting Shops Tour just for you.)

I am so glad that I just randomly picked up your book at my local library. One of the best books I have read in a long time. Says alot since I read ALL THE TIME! Or I use to. Know have my free time is dedicated to either reading or knitting. Almost done w/ 1st project. Why does it always feel like it takes 4vr? I just can not wait to start the next big thing. Anyhoo...I read both of your books and look forward to the next!! If you want a great place to "come back" to, come visit "Eliza's" old stomping grounds of San Diego. Come and check out Poway. We have an awesome Library and is also where I am learning how to knit.

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