I just love this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing it. I was hoping you could tell me what "ssk" means in the "Neck decrease" section.


I made one Rachael!! You can see mine in my entry dated today if you want. Thank you so much for the great pattern!!!


Oh! I love it! No, I mean, I so love it! What a great, simple, incredible idea. Thank you!


Thanks for sharing this pattern! I got this from you a while ago and finally made one for my son's Giftmas present. He's going to love it! :)


Thanks Rachael! What a quick knit. This project got me through some very long and boring conference calls. I need to dig out the dpn's when I get home and do the neck ribbing so I can use this tonight.

Kat (in cold and rainy Boston)


Thanks so much, Rachel! I knitted three covers for my three children while pregnant last year, and they all loved them! I'm about to embark on my fourth for the new baby (I've been busy knitting nappy covers!) and just wanted to say thanks. I love your blog and was so thrilled with your marathon success!


I wanted to knit this cover but I couldnt get it going with the 7 US 16 inch circular needles - am I doing something wrong?


Wonderful pattern but - could you tell me what "ssk" means in the neck decrease section and what is worsted weight - is this equivalent to English "double knitting" weight?


Wonderful pattern but - could you tell me what "ssk" means in the neck decrease section and what is worsted weight - is this equivalent to English "double knitting" weight?

Sorry - gave the wrong e-mail address before!


I made this while I was ill at home with a cold. Its such an easy pattern to follow and I got all the abbreviation translations off the web. Thank you so new bed-buddy!!


I love this pattern! Started it yesterday and have worked up heaps of it. But it's seeming quite small. Anyone else find that? I'm a fairly tight knitter but I wouldn't have thought it would make that much difference! Does it stretch to fit a bottle comfortably?

Either way, I'm so enjoying it!



Hi--great pattern! Quick question--which increase do you recommend for row 1?


Hi Rachael,
I've just finished BAWK (check out the "homespun charm" results on my blog) and I wanted to thank you for the pattern. This was so much fun, except for the knitting cramp towards the end. I'm thinking ideal gifts!


I just wanted to tell you, I love this pattern so much! Thank you for sharing it with the www. I'm working it in Peaches n' Cream cream colored cotton yarn.


I love this pattern. I will be working this one up.

As for SSK-this means to slip the next to 2 stitches, then knit then together through the back on the right hand needle.

Worsted weight is Aran weight in the UK.



I made 3 of these in one month for family members and the *loooooooooved* them. I've discovered that if you knit the cover with a double strand of worsted merino yarn (I used a solid and variegated held together) it makes it even more insulated and bawk-fantastic! Thanks for the pattern! (I'll probably make three more before the year is out...)

Elaine Matsushita

thanks for your help and letting us publish your hot water bottle sweater pattern in the chicago tribune. it is really wonderful.
thought you might like to check out another pattern we recently published: liz's magic string bag ('no plastic bags, thank you!'). it's by elizabeth chlipala. and can be found at we've got a forum going too: cheers!


Please can you tell me how many grams/ounces is 190yards of yarn. I a so looking forward to warming a few toes for Christmas!


Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I'm new to knitting and your clear instructions made this cozy a cinch to make. (I must continental knit loosely as I had to come down to US-3 needles to achieve gauge [used a set of dpn].

Jnet Baguley

Glad I found your pattern for the hot water bottle cover. went through the comments and found out the wool you used is possibly the equivalent to English Aran. I hope! how may 50g balls do you think would be needed?
Thank you

Meghan McArthur

Love the pattern but has anyone else had the problem that there are not enough stitches to follow the directions as you come to the neck decrease? From what I read, there should be 70 stitches as you work the body - then the instructions for the next round has 82 listed for the round.
I'm sure I am doing something wrong here so any help would be greatly appreciated as the neck shoulders were completely wrong for me! THANK YOU! Can't wait to finish these up for the holidays. Cheers.


Can't wait to finish this up; it's a Christmas gift for my sister. But, I'm stuck. Starting with 15 ... if I add two stiches per round, it seems that I will be adding 17 at Row 1, 19 at Row 2, 21 at Row 3 and 23 at Row 4, giving me a total of 95 st.However, if I add one stitch per row, I can end up with 70. I'm confused. Thanks for your help!


Never mind. I see now that I'm adding 2 sts to 62, not 15. Sorry!


Thanks for the pattern. I'm just a bit stuck on the first few rows. Please can you tell me how I should evenly space the increases? I'm a new knitter and I'm not sure if the increases should be in the same place on each round. Thanks.


Made the cabled version for my Mom this past Christmas...she loved it. Thank you!

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