Wait, the cable is off. How do I work a 9stitch cable on just 6 stitches, did no one else have a problem? HELP! This is cute, but confusing!


Nevermind, finally read it correctly! Thanks!


Thank you very much for sharing.

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The chain 4 at the beginning and then tr into the same stcith is a trick some of us use to eliminate the gap caused by the ch standing alone at the beg of the row. I usually chain 3 then tr into the same st. It does make the square a teensy bit wider but blocking and seaming hides that. If you choose to use this method remember not to crochet into the top of the turning chain it doesn't count as a stcith in this case.Apparently our crocheter had to fudge' a little bit on the pattern to get the right length. It's important to remember that patterns are meant as a guideline and don't have to be slavishly followed to get the good-looking results that you need. Due to differences in tension you may have to make some minor adjustments to get the most pleasing results from your project (and good looks do count here!) The designer has written the pattern as it works for someone who gets that exact gauge. If your gauge is a wee bit off it can mean you need to adapt the pattern to your gauge rather than try to manipulate your stcithes and method of crocheting. It adds a little personal touch also.

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Hi,I'm so happy hearing this.It's uusally better to use needle size 5 with yarn size 3 . If you want it more thicker my advise is to use needle size 10 with yarn size 5 .You can find helpful information about sizes in knitting gauge page.I'm looking forward to hearing from you for your first project .Good luck


Great effort! I'm happy to help. Found it imsopsible to learn from online vids myself. Great-grandma was super helpful with her instructions. I got given an Amigurumi (crochet stuffed toy) book for mothers day which has some super cute toys to make, with great instructions included.


Oh man. I know. Even a nice raglan on 9s takes fvroeer for mens. And the bulky sweater on 15s took me 1,000,000 years b/c I couldn't locate just the right pattern, tried to design it for him, got the gauge all wrong, had to rip multiple times and untwist all the yarn ayayay. But he wears it now on the cold days (and during his illness last week). For more normal days, the raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts is nicer, and I like to borrow it, though it is giant on me.


Peter seems like a real peach, so he deserves a swateer knit by his sweetie-pie! How about something different to make it more interesting for you, like an Adult Surprise Jacket, or how about modular knitting? If you did one square at a time it might not seem too bad, or better yet!! Have all your faithful blog readers each knit a few squares for you!


Thank You! I think I knew this once upon a time but since most pattern wretirs lately seem to imply pick up and knit (or work) when they say pick up I lost sight of the plain ol' pick up . This has caused me some grief on the new Knit Picks kit, the Yvette Entrelac Beret and Mittens. So I did what I thought needed to be done. Since I'm close to the end of the hat I'll motor on and do the right thing with the next hat! Now I just have to figure out how to graft live stitches to the side of a worked square . Again, thanks for the very clear explanation of these pickup lines!


awwww, thanks for doing the tag Nits! Appreciate it! Kakatuwa talga ang mga old pierutcs. At ang galing ha, ang hirap nung ginawa mong cross stitch, ang galing for a first! :D enjoy the rest of the week!


I started crtohecing and knitting in memory of my great grandmother who past away in last December. She only taught me how to crochet, but never to knit. This weekend, I got all her knitting needles and hooks. I looked at other videos online and yours is so crystal clear. Thank you so much for the video!


i dont get the ptaretn at all for the lower jaw and the body ptaretn doesnt make sense at all on why i have to do # 1-15 finish it off and start all over and continue with the rest, that was kind of a waist..please help me on this i do not understand your ptaretns

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