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  • Come see what Beth's up to! She's living in her pickup truck (lovingly known as Tach), and rambling the byways and backroads of America. When she has money, that is. When she runs out, she stops and gets a job until she can drive on again. Stop in here, add your comments, and wish her the best. And heck, if you have a driveway, can she sleep in it?

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September 11, 2003



Hey, I am so excited. I finally figured out how to add a commment to this thing. Whoo hoo. So, now, what to say. I have to find Kevin's blog that was supposedly so rude (surprise surprise). Cyberspace is pretty cool. So, have you been on a horse yet? You should ride a horse.


Beth, you are so cool. What would coolness do without Beth? uh.... oh yeah, a comment about the actual post.... nifty. How do you cook your beans these days?

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