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October 31, 2003



Maybe it has something to do with the year. I didn't celebrate for the first time this year, and I don't plan on ever not celebrating again.

Happy Halloween!


Yeah, Matt and I didn't do shit either. Next, year, I'm bringing back the costume party. Beth - you gonna be there? I'm so glad life is so good for you! I'm really glad it's not that cold here!!


...this year was my first year in aaaggggeeeessss that we were back on the halloween in ingerland it is more a night for violence and extortion than fun and a teacher it was always a good idea to keep a low profile...this year we decided to leave the lights on and make it known we would welcome the (new) locals to our house...only 4 kids knocked on the door - we have loads of sweets left :^)...


Beth, I am with Kara. Next year, Santa Clara, Nate's house 10/31/04! I'll even let Kara host the costume contest. Yeah, working on Halloween sucks, but let's hear it for all you who do the end-of-month royalty reports, we will never have a Halloween off!


i must say my halloween wasn't so great either, although i think the thing that saved me was my red see i was milton for halloween; stapler, lighter, mustache, rash face, pocket protector and all. i think you would have been very entertained!


Ah, Beth, I'm sorry you didn't have a good time. Definately next time. Like yourself a few days ago, I was up til 4am. Although I was just causing trouble and not...talking. I missed you this year, if you're not back by next year I'm going to come out there, find you, and scare the hell out of you with crazy, psychotic clowns. But only 'cause I love you.


Wow I had no idea so many other people had sucky Halloweens too. I had to work that night plus the next morning at 6 so partying was out of the question. Although I was in "costume" as a guard, and I got to yell at some drunk peeing on the Administration building, it was nowhere near as exciting as my plans for dressing up like Hedwig. That will have to wait for next year. The spirit of Halloween must have wanted you to see that.

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