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  • Come see what Beth's up to! She's living in her pickup truck (lovingly known as Tach), and rambling the byways and backroads of America. When she has money, that is. When she runs out, she stops and gets a job until she can drive on again. Stop in here, add your comments, and wish her the best. And heck, if you have a driveway, can she sleep in it?

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December 07, 2003


Miranda II

Hi Bethany!

Sorry to read about the string of mishaps and misadventures. This too shall pass.. in the meantime, try not to let it get you down. You are, after all, on an adventure! Just try not to get captured by pirates ;-D

Is there a chance your phone is still under warranty?

As a point of interest, has anyone put you onto Journeywoman Online? No affiliation and all that stuff, but I have found it to be an interesting and useful online resource for all things travel-related. It's free and available at

Happy Continuing Travels! I look forward to your next installment.

Miranda II


If your phone isn't under warranty, can you get some duck tape. That stuff is supposed to be good for fixing everything and just might hold your phone together.


Hang in there Bethany, the pups and I are knocking on lotsa wood here on your behalf.
(and I second the Duct-tape idea from Charlotte for your phone)


Older man, "La Bamba," and Bust! Thanks for that image, Bethany! Moneywise, everything will be OK. It always works out eventually, I promise.


Thanks for all the encouragement and ideas! Duct tape; of course! That stuff can fix anything! Well, maybe not microconductors, but for a phone arm, it might be just the ticket. And you're right, it always does work out in the end. I think I always know that, somewhere. I may bitch and moan a lot, but there was still a smile on my face, even waiting at the service station. Worst thing that could happen? I end up having to go home, to beautiful San Francisco, where my friends, family, and heart lies.


Ooo, I forgot to say: captured by pirates? That would rock!! Come and get me, Johnny Depp!


Hey Beth,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you used to be some sort of Carmen Sandiego Secret Shopper? And don't they have positions open all over the US? Hmmmmm..... I think you did and they do. Or am I stating the glaringly obvious?

Also, to keep up with your passion for writing and since you're traveling and all (Color me jealous yet again) Here's a website for travelwriters, if you look in the "Market News" you'll find a whole bunch of people who want to pay other people for travel stories and travel hints and suggestions. I'm not sure, but I think you might just fit the bill. Love you and I can't wait to see you soon!


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