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  • Come see what Beth's up to! She's living in her pickup truck (lovingly known as Tach), and rambling the byways and backroads of America. When she has money, that is. When she runs out, she stops and gets a job until she can drive on again. Stop in here, add your comments, and wish her the best. And heck, if you have a driveway, can she sleep in it?

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January 17, 2004



Hmmm, I think we may have the makings of a southern belle . . .


Awesome :) Sounds and looks like a pretty cool place. My kind of job too, BUSY. Beats being bored and pretending to look busy anyday.. Try to get us a shot of the bar and zebra if you can!


Yay Beth. I'm so happy you found some cool employment, and fast. We miss you in SF. Send photos of the contented grin you must have, so we don't get too sad that you're gone again.


Smart woman to be down south right about now. I'm hoping to meet you, oh famous sister of my buddy Rachael, when you make it to NYC, but I highly advise waiting till the thaw. It's damn cold here right now. The inn does look gorgeous.


...brilliant!!!...except for the grits :^)...

nan fowler

Hi Beth, I was just fooling around on the net and decided to look at your site, rather than file all these darn books that are sitting here. Where are you when I need you?? anyway, you do a great job keeping in touch. fun to read your messages. I am glad you were home for the holidays. It was so fun for your Mom and Dad. I am waiting for your Mom to get well, so she can come back to work. Actually I am looking forward to her getting better just for herself even if she never comes back to work. this has been going on too long. all else is the same, too many books too little time. You take care of yourself. enjoy ever minute. Nan


the guest room in my friend's house has a zebra skin on the wall. the real hides are totally different than the shag, i agree, but on the wall above the bed it was a bit eerie.

i am mucho jealous of the bartending gig. i have been thinking if i end up in l.a. for school for a while i might try to get a job bartendering. i think you should watch 'mr. destiny' so you can quote michael cain or 'keeping the faith' so you can quote the bartender in that, i really like the scientology phrase.

best part about sleeping your car, if you're drunk after your shift you don't have to worry about driving home.

one more thought, could you steal a shower here and there at work? worth a try maybe?


Bethany - your job sounds so fun. I love being busy in restaurants too...I cocktail waitressed for a while. I also love me some Amelia's so peaceful there! But hey, I'm in Athens, GA, so if you're coming through and you need a couch to crash on, let me know!

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