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February 18, 2004



happy birthday. here's a poem for you:

happy birthday.
happy birthday.
the salmon leaps over the falls
and the king of cups wants a picnic
(but it is not *his* birthday)
it is *your* birthday
(so just forget about that king of cups!)

p.s. - it's a haiku. a long one. love, c


Happy Birthday Bethany Depp! We celebrated for you during our web design class, hope you had fun - we did!


HaPpY BiRtHdAy, bEtHaNy!! :)


Happy Birthday to you, here in its last hour! Looking forward to your making it up this way come spring ~ Now I gotta go add your name to the "Happy Birthday" column on my blog!


today was a good day, i'm glad your b day was super! i'm tired too.

p.s. it finally said i was schroder, which really wasn't worth the trouble, cause i don't think it really works. i agree with you, red baron all the way, snoopy to the max.


...could I try to pretend that due to time differences I *didn't* miss your birthday and it is still only the 17th of feb here in ingerland... happy b'day tomorrow - have a special pink drink for me :^)...


day late and a dollar short...but happy birthday!


did i miss your birthday?! i hope you enjoyed it with gusto.

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