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  • Come see what Beth's up to! She's living in her pickup truck (lovingly known as Tach), and rambling the byways and backroads of America. When she has money, that is. When she runs out, she stops and gets a job until she can drive on again. Stop in here, add your comments, and wish her the best. And heck, if you have a driveway, can she sleep in it?

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March 15, 2004



I see a scooter strapped on Tach, in you future . . .


If I'm still not riding my scoot when you get back, we can talk. It is super cute. And by the way, I hope you are wearing safety gear while scooting around. Hitting the pavement even at only 20 mph still hurts like a mutha.
oh, and I'll call soon I swear.
love you.


What's a motorcycle without hotdogs and wheelies? So long as you are wearing safety gear! :) Just kidding. Scooting around the island sounds like fun. And I love watching the old guys with their metal detectors. My kids ask for one every Christmas and Santa never brings it.

Pauly D

A mosquito giving birth? Man, you have good eyes.


Was it the cute chef you spent the day with? I think I finally traded in my copy of "American Gods" after meaning to give it to you for a year or so. Great book, although I confess that at first I thought your quotes were from Tom Robbins' "Another Roadside Attraction".

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