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  • Come see what Beth's up to! She's living in her pickup truck (lovingly known as Tach), and rambling the byways and backroads of America. When she has money, that is. When she runs out, she stops and gets a job until she can drive on again. Stop in here, add your comments, and wish her the best. And heck, if you have a driveway, can she sleep in it?

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May 27, 2004



Oh I love Maine! I was there for a week about 2 summers ago. I stayed further south, in Wells, which is just pass Ogunquit (I think that's how you spell it). My favorite thing would have to be waking up at 6am and walking along the beach that came right up to the hotel steps. The fog was so thick you couldn't see ten feet in front of you, but you could certainly hear seals!! If you happen to go back through that town on your way back South I highly recommend Billy's Chowder House (Again, not sure of the naming.). It's in the middle of a marsh, all by itself, and kayaks paddle right up to the windows outside the bar. :P


Ah, jasper. You undervalue it, Beth, it appears in rings and jewelry, and all of the ancient languages have a term for it. Mostly thought of as red, it can be many colored, usually opaque, and very hard...think flint, and thats why your beach breathes instead of being ground to sand. I always considered it semi-precious, but it is basically petrified mud or wouldn't know that it is basically silicon di oxide when you look at picture jasper...beautiful! Love, Dad


Ah, you found why Maine has one beach named "Sandy Beach" -- and it's considered rare enough to be named such. ;) One of the mottos of Maine is "where the mountains meet the sea" because the rocks and mountains come right down to the beach; all shingle, no sand. I rather like it, myself.

Your description of everything being fascinating while in motion is so true of so many places in the U.S., but I think you're right that Maine is special in that way. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

I'm making inroads on the camisole with that yarn we found on our trip to The Fiber Studio in Henniker, and as I knit on it, I almost think you're still here, sitting with a cup a hot cocoa in my living room. Safe travels! Elric sends his greetings, too!


Hope you feel better soon, sweets...


i'm definitely going to have to explore maine more. thanks for the travelogue.




Feel better Bethany. I didn't know Jasper was a stone. I went to Manhattan College and Brother Jasper supposedly was the creator of the Seventh Inning Stretch. Take care. When are you coming back to NY?

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