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August 24, 2004


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Sandy's good people. I'm glad she was your first guest. xoxo.


Humane bat catching: bats can't fly if their wings get wet, so squit them with a squirt gun or a spray bottle, then you can bag 'em up and put them outside. Once they dry off, they're good as new!


when we were looking at our house, considering if we want to buy it or not, we had a nice long conversation with Betty, the owner. She showed us everything in the house and then we came to the boarded up fireplace. She told me that once in the middle of the night, she heard some noise. Came out in the living room to investigate and found two bats flying around in their house. After getting them to fly out the front door, they boarded up the fireplace, put putty in the vent holes and prayed that the little buggers would never come back. We laughed at the story but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, Man I hope they are not still around.

After we closed on our home, we walked into our new home, looking around wide eyed at our accomplishment of buying a home. I stopped in the living room, looked around then looked down on the floor at my feet and found a dead bat lying there. I immediately did the girly thing, screamed and ran away to the wall. My husband started laughing saying "it's all right. I'll clean it up." He walked into the dining room and said "Whoa" and I immediately screamed again, thinking that a whole heard of bats were going to come flying out at me. He laughed again and said "she left the chairs."

He finally found something to clean up that thing, and threw it outside into the neighbors yard.

After calming down from shaking so much (gosh, what a girl) I walked over towards the sliding glass door and open the curtains. Then I turned around and found another dead bat lying on the floor, screamed again and, ran over to the wall, husband still laughing got the dust pan and cleaned it up.

We've owned the house for three weeks now, never found another dead or live bat and hope we never will! Those things are just gross. But I do understand they have a purpose, I just don't want them flying around in my house!

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