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  • Come see what Beth's up to! She's living in her pickup truck (lovingly known as Tach), and rambling the byways and backroads of America. When she has money, that is. When she runs out, she stops and gets a job until she can drive on again. Stop in here, add your comments, and wish her the best. And heck, if you have a driveway, can she sleep in it?

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August 11, 2004


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You are brave and amazing and wonderful and cooler than most everyone I know.


Damn, damn, damn. It's amazing work you're doing, and amazing writing you're doing, too. I'm so freaking PROUD of you, kiddo. Love you.


Go, Bethany! But wait... you're doing all this work and paying for it and you don't own this place, right? did i miss something? I know, filthy lucre is on my mind but was wondering. Since lately I've come to know what serious repairs to a house cost...Anyway, it sounds like a grand and mythic adventure...Can't wait to hear the next installment...
all the best..


M'dear, you have some seriously resourceful rescue mojo. I'm glad things are starting to flow, so to speak. Send me your p.o #, okay? Also, you might check the library for books on woodstoves--I know that ours has a couple.


As I think they say in your neck of the woods...Way To Go! As someone who lives in a stone cottage built in the early 1800's I agree with the, you know about who has lived in a place by the energy that comes out of the stone thing. Sadly the last occupants before me didn't quiet listen to the love and warmth and I walked in to a deranged cottage with less than a third of the roof left in place in a country that knows all about rain :0) Your story of the bathroom so reminded me of the lean-too or to be more accurate the lean-away that was supposed to be bathroom. Lets just say I ran a book on who would be the first to sit on the loo and disappear through the floor and that the bath itself actually sat on the ground outside as the floor was in no state to take a bathfull of water and person so hole had been sawn and bath dropped through - how posh could you get a sunken bath that you bathed in whilst sometimes having to use an umbrella:0) Of course there was no hot water just a cold water tap but that as they say is another story.
Heading for Winter it's the roof, heating and draughts that are top of the list. I found newspapers, gaffer tape and plastic sheeting to be my bosom palls in the first years but then I had spent every penny I had ever saved - which was very little, in buying the cottage so getting things fixed was down to sledge hammer in my hands so to speak. I can attest to how hard it is to wake winter mornings and have to crack the blanket cos it's frozen.
Warmth and dryness are conducive to creativity be warm, dry and creative. As evidence of the last your writing proves those creative juices are still flowing beautifully. Like Ann I'd be grateful for a PO Box address but understand you may have talked to Rachael and know about my postal habits :0)
Lay that table to eat, have a vase with fresh cut growth to enjoy even when it's too damn cold to go out and make sure you have a treat a day even if its just a chocolate biscuit. Take care


Bethany- don't despair on that future dream of old-home-ownership! Mine is from 1890, but has been lovingly cared for all these years, and isn't all that crazy work it sounds like your going through!

I'm a little confused though? You're caretaking for the winter and renovationg the house for them while their gone? With a good budget? If this is the case, sounds like a sweet deal for everyone.


Welcome back... what a wonderful/scary/wild place you've entered into .

Granted - as ususal, I get caught by single phrases that I think need more explaining. Yours today is :

"started some talk" That phrase seems to have a story behind it.... hint.


i'm so happy you've made it! just don't make me homesick. and get poor tach a headbolt heater.


All I can do is echo Rachael--I'm so proud of you, so proud that I KNOW you. You know? Yup. Anyway, I want to get in on the PO action. You just let me know what comforts of NYC you might want me to send you, and I will send them, baby! No reason you can't get your urban thang on while you're holed up in the woods, right?


wow. You are capturing this so Perfectly, I held my breath through the whole reading of this...of course I *knew* it would all come out all right in the end, but the Adventures of Bethany the Brave are WONDERFUL!
Proud, proud, PROUD!

rochelle holmberg

You've a great deal of energy, Beth. Please send some to Texas. Only a question. Do you have a picture of the popsicle stick lampshade? I was actually looking for instructions on the 'net. My six yr old and I want to make a lampshade. I saw a "crafter" posting on a site for any instructions. Thank you.


I would like to know if you have any instructions/patterns to make popsicle stick lamps.

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