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Bravo! Bravo!August 26, 2003

Dude. Let’s talk Bravo Queer TV.

Damn it to hell – I’m DEVASTATED that tonight wasn’t the final Boy Meets Boy, and I’m terrified that yes, Franklin


will be the straight one. AND I have to work next week. If any of you email me on Tuesday night next week, please, for pity’s sake, don’t tell me who won – it’ll have to wait till the morning when I can watch the tape.

Here’s how Mopsie, who’s done the math, put it: That terrible pairing off they did? It was so the producers could assure that gaydar wouldn’t rule the game, and that a straight guy would make it to the top three. We already knew that. But Mopsie has a memory, unlike me, and reminded me that Sean (straight) was paired with Franklin.


And Wes makes my skin crawl. He's fake, sooooo fake.


I NEED him to be the straight one.

Please. Don’t ask me the hard questions right now.

Wes. Ew.

Ew, ew, ew!

All I know for sure is that Queer Eye (no spoilers) was the best ever, and I loved the big Greek boy. I think it’s hot how the Fab 5 have gained such instant popularity. And the Fab 5 aren’t hiding; they’re not being politically correct. At all! Please! Did you hear Carson’s comment on the chocolate last week? My ears! And I’m good at this game! I can only hope that... what? ....that there IS hope. That a completely straight goofy Greek boy can be swept away by five queers on national prime-time television, so much so that he embraces them out of sheer excitement for how much they’ve helped him (or by how much schwag they’ve thrown his way, which is, let’s face it, a considerable amount). Even Mom Georgia from the old Greek country toasts them, which was freaking adorable.

Sigh. QEFTSG made up for the disappointment that was Boy.

I’m investing in Bravo.


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Wah! I miss cable. QEFTSG is so totally my kind of show, too. I wonder if NBC is still running the repeats and if they're still that paltry half hour version.

Your jade is wonderful. I have a couple jade turtles that have been used in the past like worry stones. Right now they're gathered around a little Buddha.

Queer Eye is my favorite show! The greek guy was so receptive to all of the
changes-and thank god they got rid of that hair. I've got my husband hooked on
it too-maybe they could make him over?

I just keep hoping I'm wrong... maybe the producers aren't as manipulative as I think they are. Maybe they just paired them up for the heck of it. Maybe he'll really have a connection with the third guy... Brian? what's his name? and fall in love and live happily ever after.

Yeah, I know -- doubtful... DAMN! :^(

"I'm investing in Bravo."

Really? Then you might as well have your broker get you some General Electric stock, because they own NBC...which owns Bravo.

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