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Happy Weekend!August 27, 2003

Getting ready to go, packing up, being my normal anal self. Lists and more lists. Re-written lists. Checking things off and then double-checking.

I LOVE lists.

Strawberry Festival starts tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t wait to be there. Four days of bluegrass and sun and swimming in the lake and dancing and beer and my whole family playing guitars.

Last year the family couldn't make it, and I went by myself. Camping alone was a little alarming to think about (oh, you should have seen THOSE lists), but it was a blast. Met a woman named Alpha who went swimming with me in Frog Lake every day. It’s aptly named – hundreds of teeny tiny little frogs to play with while you’re swimming, putting them on your hand and watching them plop back into the water. One afternoon, as we were squelching through the slime to get to the cool water, Alpha felt something dry and crinkly in the bosom of her antique bathing costume. Thinking it was an old tag, she reached in and pulled out..... a dry, dead frog. A frog that had been there since the day before, when we’d gone swimming and it had apparently hitched a ride. Then she’d ridden off on her bike for a full afternoon of contra-dancing and guitar playing and dinner eating, all the while carrying her friend with her.

I’ve never heard anyone scream any louder than that.

So I’m off. Have a great Labor Day weekend! I leave you with a couple of pieces from my Lo-Tech Sweat – all done but part of the hood and the pockets.


I’m not bringing it with me – I figure I’ll spend time making some mousies for the Mouse-A-Thon and maybe finish some socks.

Ah, summer....


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I love frogs but EW. EW EW EW EW EW EW!

I hope you had a total rockin' blast at the festival!

LOL, that's a funny frog story, gotto love it!
I'd like to participate in your shawl knitalong.

There IS something strangely satisfying about lists, isn't there? Enjoy your time at the Strawberry Festival!

And don't even get me started on the dead frog issue... ick!

Rachael, I hope you have/had a FABULOUS holiday! Rock the Strawberry!

oh dear! Ick re: the dead frog! Wishing you a wonderful festival weekend, frog-free but strawberry-full!

Have a rockin' happenin' great weekend! :)

I might just join your knitalong by the time you come back! ;)

Your weekend sounds like it will be a blast -- hope you enjoy yourself. Did you make a list to remind you to bring your lists with you? Just wondering! ;^)

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