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WeepySeptember 3, 2003

Well, I’m disappointed. Just watched the final episode of Boy Meets Boy, and it wasn’t all I hoped it would be. (Of course, I did hope for a twist on the twist – Wes gleefully revealing that he loves the girls and Franklin reciting Whitman with tears in his eyes as he’s picked and whisked away.) My only consolation was that Brian was NOT picked – I loved him, he was the BMB version of me, all Pollyanna and kinda whateverish, sweet but boring. It would have been a copout. Maybe someday their eyes will meet in the bar and it’ll spark off again. Maybe someday, nothing. Might happen next week, since they live in the same area (how is it they didn’t know each other? Hmmmmm). I don’t think James settled, though, (even though Wes is still a little weasel, I think) and that’s the important part.

I’ve finally stopped crying, and I ain’t talking BMB. Got a temporary crown yesterday, and it hurt like hell. I had forgotten I was resistant to lidocaine. Why do I always forget that? Six shots of it later, it finally kicked in, but it always has the side effect of making me cry. Weepy, runny tears, over nothing in particular. I sat on the floor of my apartment yesterday, bawling because I couldn’t make the TV work and I wasn’t going to get my laundry folded before I had to go to work. Tired, achy tears. The exhausted kind.

And I kept it up all night at work, off and on. I’d think of someone I loved, and the tears would just slide. No effort, no headache, just tears. It’s the oddest feeling, and I’ve always reacted like that. I’m glad it’s over. Now I have to run off to work again, for an unexpected fourteen hour shift. I’ve had about an hour off today, not including sleep time. I fit in the taped show and writing this, and that’s all I’ve got.

Hope your day is lidocaine-free and happy. No tears. I’ll be glad to able to answer the phone at work clearly again, instead of puffy and numb, “Nine one one, juhashanemenshenchy?”


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oh my god. Are you telling me that you cheerfully helped me out of my paper bag while you were reacting to
I hope you enjoy your SURPRIZE!

I wonder what it is about lido. that causes the weepies? I'm glad you're feeling better. Dental work...yeesh. What a rude awakening this experience must have been, after such an idyllic weekend. And yes, I'm including BMB in that equation.

For more joyful tears, see Whale Rider. It's great.

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