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CozyNovember 18, 2003

And dude, how excited am I that the first Hot Water Bottle Cozy (someone give me a better name, please!) made from my pattern was made by our very own Brainy Lady? You rock, Al!


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Ooo! Reminds me that I wanted to make one for my Mom. Can you email me the pattern? Thanks!! You are sooo awesome!

I saw the hot water bottle cozy a few weeks ago and thought that it was a fabulous idea. Could you please email me the pattern as well?


Testimonial: I loved this pattern, and I love the finished cosy. The cable keeps it from being boring. Next time I think I'd put a cable on both sides, since it looks so nice. I highly recommend the My Glass House Hot Water Bottle Cosy (MGHHWBC) [TM]!! Thank you, Rachael! The MGHHWBC rocks big time!

You can tell La Brainy is a Canadian cause she insists on spelling cozy with an s. We love her anyway.

Hmm... what if you called it a "Hot Water Bottle Hugger"? Or the "Warm & Fuzzy Feet Friend"?

Yes, I insist! So the MGHHWBC isn't catchy enough, eh? How about the Bottleneck Sweater? Because it's like a turtleneck sweater, but for a hot water bottle... you know...? Anybody? Bueller?

No, you guys, I got it (with a little help from my friends). The Bottleneck Avenger. Yeah! Raaar!

The BAWK? (Bottleneck Avenger Who's Knit)

I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but that never seems to stop me!
I'd love to have the pattern!

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