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My ShellNovember 15, 2003

I’m a Cancer, born July 5th. It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while I go into my own shell. I think something about the concert and being around so many people (while still missing the two who weren’t there) set something off in me because yesterday I did nothing.

I mean: Nothing. Except knit and watch TV. I never even got out of my pyjamas. I REALLY needed to go to the grocery store but instead I ate frozen peas and corn and found some frozen shrimp from Trader Joe’s. It’s amazing what you have to eat in your house if you can't bear the thought of long aisles and wobbly cart wheels (well, wobbly cartwheels would be okay, I suppose. 'Specially in those long aisles...). Frozen whole wheat bagels. Half a bag of incredibly stale chips (I never notice staleness, but these were almost chewy). Cheese that I cut inches of pale blue off of before eating. Six chocolate chips in the bottom of the bag. Chocolate sorbet that my sister brought one day. And it all tasted good!

Now: Back to work, to train. Leaving from there to the City to the next show which I hope will overwhelm me only with its loveliness.

I don’t usually do this. I have regular nights in, nights where I do nothing and am completely alone, but not usually a whole day. It was gorgeous, I gotta tell you. Oh! I finished the Must Have sleeves. Pics later. Happy weekend to you!


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I really adore time alone -- glad you could take care of yourself. Sounds like a calgon moment.

Lazy Friday! I love it! But please tell me you cooked the frozen food before you ate it.

I will always remember your birthday now because it's three days after my mom's and one day before my second oldest friend's!

whew! okay. it wasn't just me. cool.

Here's to Nothing days, a.k.a. Mental Health days. Sounds great. (When did you manage to leave six chocolate chips in the bottom of the bag??) So... what were you knitting all day?

Everybody needs a day like that every once in a while. The slouchy pajamas is a requirement and at least one food of high sugar content. (I sure could use one of those days...I haven't had one in 3 years!)

hey wait.
I read this post.
the actual date?
so I can put it in my
I really do need eye surgery.
I AM wearing my glasses...
had to go back a third freakin time to
get it.
Any room in that shell?

I totally had to laugh when I read this - being that my birthday is July 9th and I have done the same thing many a time. Knitting and a movie in your pjs - can't beat that every now and then...

I'm a Cancer too, July 13. Shells are good sometimes. Not when you have a lot to do, but sometimes going into your shell equals = really productive day tomorrow. :)

P.S. My cartwheels are ALWAYS wobbly. tee hee.

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