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Four Weeks BehindJanuary 24, 2004

I got the best sleep last night! No knitting done at all, just bound off a Secret Project (pics to follow in the next few days) and called it good. I took a hot bubble bath, which I used to be good at doing every night, but I've fallen out of the habit recently. I tried to catch up a little with my New Yorkers (four weeks behind right now) and I got to bed at a decent time. I slept until ten minutes before the alarm would have gone off.

I took Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection to bed with me. I'm going to make Cromarty (breathe deeply, in, out -- I'm a wee bit frightened, this being my first A.S.) and I wanted to READ the pattern. You know, really understand the construction. Of course, I can't get past the very SECOND instruction, k1b. WTF? Amy, help! Is that knit one through the back loop? That's the only abbreviation they don't explain in the back of the book. And it's the second thing I'd have to do after casting on. Lord.

I'm going to do it in Koigu Kersti, from the boys, and can I just tell ya? They cut a deal with me like no deal has ever been cut. Also, I got to talk to Rob on the phone, as they were cruising -- I mean looking -- for a new home for Threadbear. I hate it that they have to move their business, but we'll all pull together and order LOTS of yarn from them to make the transition a little easier, huh? We'll sacrifice a bit. Won't that be terrible? Ordering yarn? Stop it. And Rob? Fireball, that's all I'm gonna say.

So I read Cromarty. That made for sweet dreams. And I tried to get further with my Proust, which the - girls - and I are reading, but I swann..... I'm loving the book -- it's rich like fruitcake and heavy cream, and it makes me drowsy and dreamy in the same way. Oh, it's lovely. And narcotic-like.

All right. I'm bored with myself and work is busy, so I'm outta here. Have a great weekend. Mwah!


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K1b = knit in back of loop .Makes a twisted stitch.Is it for a twisted rib ? Better go look !

I think it means through the back loop. You could email the Starmores at http://www.virtualyarns.com/support/default.asp

Which dye lot or number is "Kersti"? This sounds *fantastic*.

Hiya Sweetpea. I made a happy discovery today. Brought Volume II to a coffee shop and found that Proust goes extremely well with a large cup of coffee and a bran muffin. Especially if it's a toasty warm coffee shop and it's really cold just outside the window. Maybe we can read Volume VI together in that coffee shop when you come visit in the spring. MWAH!

I, too, am in lust with Cromarty and have read the pattern. I'm thinking of making one, too. I'll have to watch and see what you think of the Kersti. But yes, K1b means knit through the back loop. I really could have sworn that she says so somewhere in the book, but what do I know?

hey rachael - you probably know this already but just in case. there are some errors in the cromarty in the book. here's a link detailing the fixes: http://www.knittingpages.com/erratatxt/ASerrata.htm

You are SO ready for A.S.! and it will be gorgeous in Koigu. Golly. You're my knitting hero, girlfriend. Thank God you recently explained how you get so much knitting done. And New Yorkers? got a cubic 1.5ft of 'em, right by the fireplace. Brotherman checks the cartoons when he's over, but I haven't been able to keep up since I went back to work in August '02. Oh well. They'll keep, for the most part~ XXO

Didja see this? Didja?!?

Ohhhhhhh...Cromarty in Kersti? What luxury. I just found a picture of the sweater, too and--dang, girl! I am in awe. You are my hero.

And I just realized I didn't get this week's New Yorker.

The only time I've seen the abbreviation K1B was in bee stitch, where it means that you knit into the stitch below the one on the needle. It kinda needs to be shown. I think that knitting through the back loop is usually K1tbl or just kb.

hey, what a great idea! I'm searching for the perfect yarn for Cromarty too. Last year about this time, I started it using quebecoise from Schoolhouse Press...but it was all wrong (sniff!)
The fabric was very stiff and not drapey at all (and impossible to knit--I averaged 1 row/hour!)

Can't wait to see the Kersti yarn and how your Cromarty looks.

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