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Orange AlertJanuary 4, 2004

A surefire way to beat those terrorism blues, I present to you Orange Alert.


A little closer:


And a detail :


It was meant to be a cardigan, but I like it so much that I think I'll wear it like this a while, whatcha think? I can always steek it later.....

Made with Paton's Classic Merino in Paprika. It's knitted in the round from the bottom up. I roughly used Bonne Marie's rolled neckline from the Ribby Cardie and I stole those front cables right off my Must-Have. And the raglan decreases, although I'd like to take credit for them, are straight from a brilliant free pattern from Spelling Tuesday.

So basically, I didn't make anything up myself. Nope. But I did the math and the measurements and there was never a pattern in front of me, for the first time EVER in sweaterland. I think of it like writing fiction: I know there's nothing new under the sun, so it's all in the way you put it together (and I made sure I borrowed only from free patterns and a pattern I had purchased myself). Nobody ever did THIS exact sweater before (and no one ever will -- I thought I would remember to write everything down, but by the middle of the sweater I realized that I hadn't been making notes. Sigh).


Bethany wrote the other day:

I have a serious question I need help with. How in hell does one make time to read every book out there, see every movie, watch at least a few of the less pathetic television shows (and some that are so pathetic it's funny), knit a sweater every other week, cook gourmet dinners, find a mathematical equation to explain the platypus, make time for friends, and still find the time to fucking exercise?

Amen, sister. I've had several people ask me how I knit so fast. Here's the ugly truth: I don't really knit all that fast. I'm no Wendy, that's fer sure. But you have to understand, I don't clean my house much. I have those ceiling dust bunnies, you know the ones. I have no children. At present, I'm single, so I don't even have to spend time keeping someone else happy. (That makes it sound bad, but you know what I mean. It's nice to be happy with someone. But I REALLY like being happy with myself.) I work extended 10-14 hour shifts and get three days off a week. On my days off, I generally get about 6 or 7 hours of knitting time in -- some morning knitting with some evening TV time later, or a whole afternoon of sitting around with the needles. And even on days I work, I can sneak some knitting time in around the phone calls when it's not busy, and I get to knit with the TV or with a book until I go to bed. I do go out and play, sure, but what it comes down to is I knit a LOT. That's it.

And it makes me happy. And not to sound too much like Mr. Rodgers, but hey. You do, too. Mwah.


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WOW! I mean, wow! Here I sit afraid of the Must-Have pattern, and there you go making it your own, again. I am awed -- and honored to be your friend. And that color looks great on you. And I love your BOC. Gush gush gush. Go, Rachael! Looks like you're feeling better -- but still check out the offerings of modern pharmacology, OK? XXO

Your sweater looks fabulous. Love all the cables. It does seem like you knit fast, girl! I can't ever finish a sweater that quickly. I love all your pics of New Year's, Christmas and knitting.

That sweater is University of Texas orange! Hook 'em, baby! Seriously, it is very cute.

You did a wonderful job with your sweater, especially using different parts from several patterns! Very creative.

Great sweater Rachel! I wouldn't want to cut it open either, but I bet it will look fab as a cardie as well.

Ha! "Orange Alert." You crack me up. What a great sweater! Is there any colour that DOESN'T look good on you? :) Your BOC looks great, too.

(I think the Pull Over/Cardigan joke is funny!)

Love the sweater! It's fun to piece patterns together.

You look well...hope you are feeling better!

Wow, Orange Alert is truly amazing. I'm so impressed! Before long, you'll be published in Knitty or somewhere else, and we can all say we know you way back when.

Good for you Rachael, making the time to do what you love to do, no excuses.. Dust bunnies be damned! As a mom to 3 under 11 I find that refreshing and novel. I love my kids dearly and do not regret them for a second, but to have the TIME to DO what you want when you want?! Sigh... I sort of remember those days.. sort of.. ;)

I love your latest creation.. As a newbie knitter I am confused though.. It was meant to be a cardi? Steeked? It is beautiful and you look fab in it :)

Wow! Gal, you just amaze me. FABulous color on you, love the cables and it is beautiful as a pullover.

Fantastic sweater! Love the color too. I think it looks great and might be more useful as a cardi but, as you said, you can always decide later. I have a magnet that says "Dust is a protective covering". I wholeheartedly agree with it and it's a motto I live by!

It is beautiful. I want one. And I am also one of those people who knit instead of cleaning. How else would I get through so many movies? But I still don't finish things as quickly. Maybe I've just got too much going on for that? Hmm.

Awesome sweater! love the color and the cables. I want to try that cabled raglan sometime!

Gorgeous Sweater (and I love the name). Great show of individual creativity--I love the little collar.

And my house is full of dust bunnies too. It's too bad I have the thesis or I'd be knitting a ton too!

Knitting with Dust Bunnies...now there's a self help book that I'd actually USE! Seriously, the sweater ROCKS and you look adorable, as always.
Still goin to the doc on Thursday though, RIGHT? Cuz I'm gonna be really disappointed (and nag you relentlessly) if you don't get your head examined *hee* I think it looks GREAT as a pullover, and you've already got some fabu cardigans...move on the the Norsk!

woo-hoo, that's pretty!
looks great on you!

Another fabulous creation, Rachael! I think everyone needs at least -one- orange sweater. I am going to Theresa's site to nab those raglan decreases. And I love Classic Wool, but have never seen the paprika colour in anything other than a swatch! Very nice, indeed.

Hot! that's what I'd call it. Great color on you and fits beautifully. Orange you glad you made it?

What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's gorgeous!
I'm all about the cable knitting this New Year. They are seriously addicting!

Love it. You took what you like and made something to call your own. Fun color.

I was wondering where you find the time to get all that knitting done and still have a rich life. I thought you just didn't sleep or had some kind of magical talisman that stopped time while you were knitting. Now I just envy that you can squeeze so knitting time in.

Per usual, love the sweater. That color is especially stunning....I LOVE ORANGE!

Love love love the sweater!

Hiya Doll,your sweater looks great! Very flattering, the colour and fit look perfect. Re. migraines - my husband used to get hideous, head-splitting ones and he found it really helped to take a couple kinds of painkillers, an antihistamine, and coffee. The antihistamine and coffee seem to make everything else more effective and fast-acting. I hope you can find something that works well for you. Oh, and because I forgot to say it before: Happy, Happy New Year To You!!!I hope it brings you wonderful happiness of all shapes and sizes. :)

Beautiful sweater, great cable work, I love the 'spicy' colour.

oh man. I thought I was the only one who got her knitting done by 'not cleaning'...Great sweater!

Beautiful sweater - I'm so envious. I started on my first one two years ago and screwed it up and now I'm afraid to finish it. Your knitting adventures are really fun to read about - don't stop posting your pics either!

Great sweater, honey! I like the part about wearing it as a pullover for a while and maybe changing it later. That's the way to really live with knitting as a fabric. Yep.

I get my knitting done a couple of hours eveyr night, sitting with Sam and watching TV, and in airports and at meetings and while listening to papers. This last one has to accustom one's colleagues to, and indeed it scares the professors coming to apply for jobs -- BUT the ones that say, oooh, knitting -- well, I WILL be voting later, won't I?

(One of the candidates for a position with us was sitting next to me on the plane back from San Diego -- she didn't know who I was, as I hadn't interviewed her. Will I remember that she was polite and darling to a woman she didn't know, and that she said nice things about "Queen Anne's Lace"? Oh, yes. Yes, I will.)

Late to the party, but I pronounce Orange Alert a smashing success!

28 comments already? Wow. Now I have to go read them all!

I like the cardigan as a pullover. I need to make one myself, so I can play with cardi vs pullover actually.

I have a question. YOu're way south of me. Isn't it too hot to wear wool sweaters a lot of the time? I'm too hot for even my cotton sweaters a lot of the year, and now I've got the yarn to make at least two wool ones, but I'm wondering if I'll wear them.

Hey! I finally accepted that I wasn't going to get dsl for quite some time and switched the dialup from my tired old laptop over to the Mac and now guess what?! I can see the pictures of Orange Alert! And it's GORGEOUS!!!! Oh!!! I love it! You, my dear, rawk!

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