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Eh.March 17, 2004

Feeling rather blah today. I hate feeling blah. I keep asking myself why I feel this way, since it’s the middle of the weekend, and it’s going to be a gorgeous day, and then I keep remembering: I have to work this afternoon/evening. Overtime. WHY did I agree to that? Ugh. I don’t have to go in until 3pm, but it’s going to shadow my whole morning.

I’m just feeling a little off. My brain isn’t working right. A moment ago I just had a bright thought – I’ll take myself out to breakfast and then to the nursery! Yeah! Then I remembered I just ate breakfast. Dang, damn, dang. I traded a potential bacon and eggs breakfast for a bowl of Cheerios because I’m thinking backwards.

I bought fabric for curtains yesterday. But I don’t feel like sewing. I also worked on the garden a bit and hung my FOUNTAIN! Did I tell you about that? (Just the thought of it cheers me up.) Mom and I went to a funky nursery last week, with odd bits of statuary and old fountains everywhere. This particular guy had a price of $217 written on the back, but he’d been hanging around the nursery for a long time, it was obvious. His basin was kinda sludgy and he had been turned off. So the guy working the counter called the boss and then said, “Is thirty-nine okay?” Shrug. Yeah, I guess. Inside I was twirling with delight. I had been going to make an Italian-like fountain, but that would have taken time and even more money than this cost. And this guy, oh, he’s Italian all right. Just look:


I need to get some rocks for the basin, since right now, he LOOKS good, but he runs so smoothly that there’s no splashing sound, thus defeating the whole Fountain Idea.

I bought some plants for the garden, too, but I really need to talk to my front-unit neighbors, and soon. When I was thinking about moving in, they mentioned that they’d like to use my backyard to store a shed for their bikes. I was waiting for the landlord out front, hadn’t even seen the backyard, and agreed that of course, if I moved here, it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been here a month and no shed has appeared, making me wonder if they’ve come up with an alternate solution. That would be fabulous, because I’ve in the meantime become very jealous with my garden. It’s mine. I don’t want to share. And I didn’t know about the sliding glass door then, either, and didn’t understand that if they did put an ugly ole shed there, they’d be looking right into my home every time they went back there.

Looking up at this entry, I’m a little grumpy again. I feel like I just ramble and babble on about things that don’t have any earthly interest for another human soul. Who CARES about a bike shed in my backyard, ‘cept for me.

I think I’m dehydrated. Must. Drink. Water. Wish I didn’t have to work. Bleah. I think I’ll go buy a few more plants.

And a shot of Adah. She’d cheer anyone up, I think.



I care about your shed! That would stink since your backyard is so pretty, but I'm sure there are ways of working around that to keep the peace. I understand about blah days. I'm kinda having a blah week, mainly because there's too much to do and not enough time to do it. My "one thing at a time" mantra isn't working so well. I hope your day looks up! Please continue the random rambling, that's why I visit you!

i'm sorry about the shed. don't say anything about it. if the neighbors really want a shed back there they'll bring it up. shhhhhh.
hey guess what? IT'S SNOWING HERE AGAIN!!!

and overtime on a weekend sucks. but think of it this way .... more $$$ for more yarn!

A big hug for you, sweetie! Man, OT can suck the life out of you day off, but it IS extra $$--plants, yarn...no sheds, of course.

I am so impressed that you put that fountain up. When you were telling me about the hefty guy I definitely thought it was a two person job. But what do I know, I can't even find a stud. Other than Kira.

Oh, honey, I am PRO rambling, too. And OT...bleah. I get it second-hand, as in no parenting breaks. Now, go buy some plants. With flowers. And if they put up the shed, plant LOTS of sunflowers :)

Dude, I care about your garden and its continuing lack of shedness! I love the fountain, and I'm really jealous that you have the opportunity to do gardeny things. It's making me look at my fire escape with an appraising eye...

I care about your shed, too! It sounds like the shed would take up a HUGE portion of your backyard. I would talk to the neighbors. I'm sure you can work something out. I think if you tell them that you are nervous about your privacy due to the sliding glass door, they will be very understanding.
Your fountain looks great, and I hope your brain sorts itself out before work!

Hey, if they haven't said anything about the shed yet, then you just go about making that garden your haven. If they say something down the line just say you figured they found a different alternative and you've already decorated it accordingly. Adah looks like she's saying, "Whatever, it's all good" what a freakin' life, huh? Rachel, I love your blog, the only one I check on a regular basis. Just thought you should know I am stalking your blog, I guess it could be worse, no? Hope you enjoy the rest of you day. I'll be at work at 3 as well, except I'll have screaming kids rather than yellin' phones....but, whatever, it's all good! -Nina

I am so jealous of your little garden... i think if your neighbors put up a shed, i'll have to sneak over in the middle of the night and tear it down. ;) And I hope you can get your fountain to "babble"... I have a little indoor one, and Cricket likes to use it as her own personal water fountain. It must be nice to be a kitty! ;)

Um...YOU pay for that backyard, right? So hell no, they can't put a shed there. How about you tell them that you agreed before you lived there, but now that you've been in the space a while, you realize it won't work to have that shed there...

Rachael, your fountain is lovely. I just love the sound of running water. Our fish tank soothes me with the water. It so cleansing. Did I just say my stanky fish tank is cleansing? I mean water!!

I think it will be easy to back out of the shed. You didn't know...and the privacy/sliding glass door is a super good excuse. I hope you make oodles of $$ in OT and spend it on something fun. How 'bout going out for lunch?

awwwwww, pottery! YAY for the fountainhead *hee* being a lion and all that...I'll send some anti shed prayers....because relly, a shed would be So Wrong for the Italian villa look.
While you are trying to cheer yourself up, if you ARE going to the nursery, please do get the French pussy willows if you haven't already...take them to work accidentally and giggle a little.
OT, gots to be done,and by somebody responsible, but daughter bird and I say that Cheerios was just a warm up...have the BACON and a dessert as big as your head cuz you'll NEED the extra energy if'n ya hafta WORK n'all....
HUGS from us, we're grumpy too....cuz we miss ya. How many days until MSWF???

Okay, this is weird. I just read Greta's comment, and concluded that she can only be referring to the Aw Pottery place you pass on the freeway in Oakland or the store in Berkeley. Whenever I go by there, I always say "awww, pottery..." in my head, and at first I thought it was just coincidence and Greta must merely be talking about your fountain, but coincidence like that I can't fathom.

um, No indeedy, that would NOT be a coincidence...as we passed the place whilst touring around in Petunia...*hee*

All those who adore Rachael say I. I. I.I. I.
I'm thinking I'll call you at 9-1-1 and report a vagrant shed seen running away from your garden. You can dispatch the Authorities to chase it out of town into someone else's jurisdiction.

I love the lion's head though I think a fountain in my likeness would have been perfect.


Oh, I love the fountain. But $217 as a marked price? Ditto to all on the shed issue, 'specially Cari. I hope you're feeling better than blah today!

Okay, I'm giggling at Melissa's comment about a vagrant shed in your garden. Tee hee.

Sorry you have to work OT...I know about taking those extra shifts for the money. But, enjoy your few hours of relaxation. The fountain is lovely, and I go through withdrawals if I don't get to read your posts every day, so keep ramblin' on.

I love to hear about/see knitting, of course, but my most fave thing is the bits of a knitting blogger's life that creep into the blog. Getting to know you and the other bloggers this way is just the best! your knitting may be lovely but it's the person behind it that is even more special...so if it's 'Pop' or if it's 'Eh' bring it on!

Yes, vagrant shed indeed! I agree that you need to be able to maintain your garden haven without any sheds entering into the picture...Just let them know that it isn't going to work in your typically sweet way, and I have no doubt that they will be able to find an alternative! For the record, and to repeat all the other comments, I love reading your blog and the rambling especially...That's what makes it you, which is exactly as it should be! Oh, and definitely go get yourself some eggs and bacon because the Cheerios were just your appetizer! :)

I hesitate to put this in, as previously this was a clean discussion, but are there any south bay folks out there? Cause Awww, pottery always makes me think of Mmmm, carpets.

Aw geez, Rachael, delete this if you would like to keep from offending folks. I don't care, so I'm gonna go hit the little button marked...

As soon as I read "awww, pottery" I was thinking about "Mmmm Carpet" because it's about my favorite highway sign ever. But Bethany beat me to it 'cause I don't read the comments nearly often enough. I actually found this by searching for my name, which is highly amusing. Most of the mentions of me that I didn't remember were comments by me! And snide references to me by my girlfriend.

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