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My heart has joined the Thousand*March 13, 2004

The kitties are adjusting. Slowly. Digit howls a lot in the morning. Oh, does he howl. Oh, do I howl back. But in the old place, they were NOT buddies. Occasionally Digit would accidentally sit next to Adah and then think better of the choice. When they're at my Mom's house, however, they're the best of pals. Any friend in enemy territory, I guess. I'm going to try to foster that here. It may mean letting Adah outside sometimes, along with Digit, even though I hate to do that. She has a bad habit of moving in with other families without asking. She doesn't care who loves her, as long as someone does. Slut.

But in this new territory, they're still pals. I love this one:


They're sleeping, by George.


And this one's good, too:


And in the next one, they're bonding over their inability to KILL THAT HUMMINGBIRD that's just outside the screen.


And I had to get a new cell phone for embarrassing reasons like
1) discovering that tile floor really IS that hard
2) needing to get a phone number off old, broken phone (Verizon dumps your old numbers into your new phone - tell me your cell phone isn't your real phone book, too).
So, while I was there, I upgraded for $79 to the photo phone. I know it's crap quality, I'll be kicking myself when the technology's better (in about thirteen minutes or so) but here's one of the first snaps:


So, as you see, my kits are doing well. BUT-

RIP Sebastian

My sister Christy's kitty Sebastian, however, had to go over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday. He was a rescue kitty - Christy adopted him from a vet's back room. He had been dropped off and never picked up. Bastards. But their loss was her gain. He was just shy of nineteen years old. She loved loved loved loved him so much that she made up for the time he had spent in that little box waiting for his new, loving mama.


With her permission, I give you the email she sent family and friends. I was going to paraphrase it, but she says it just right. I daren't change a word.

Hi friends- I am sad because yesterday I had my little kitty Sebastian put to sleep. he became really sick pretty quickly, until he could not longer sit up or hold up his head, so instead of more expensive vet treatments that were not likely to prolong his life more than a few days, I made the very hard decision that he had lived his life and it was time to go. Thank you all for being so kind and nice, and for caring about my little kitty. I only had him for a year and he was in pretty beat-up shape when I got him, but he was a darned good cat, tough as nails and sweet as pie, and I will miss him. He was probably about 20 years old. Good night, Sebastian. -Christy

* "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today." Richard Adams, Watership Down.


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I'm very sorry for Christy's loss. I have always felt that our ability to let our pets go in a peaceful manner, without having to spend their last days in pain and terror and suffering, was a gift. But it is always so hard, even when it really is time, after a long life and as much loving as we can give them. I'm glad your kitties are doing well, though -- kiss them for me! I need to go hug my cat now...

It was the correct thing to do.
I love my pets more than some of the
people in my life. I can not fathom
what losing one of them will be like.
Life does go on though...

I, too, am very sorry for Christy's loss of her kitty Sebastian. My parents just put two dogs down this winter. It is such a hard decision. I remember the lies they would tell us as kids when they had to put beloved pets down...just to spare us the pain. I hope Christy is doing okay.

My sweet cat Arthur has been gone just a year...and I still miss him. Give a little love to your cats from me...and to Christy...it IS a hard but kind thing to do.

Bless Sebastian, and bless Christy. Maybe Digit & Adah can soak up a little extra sun in his honor. Gosh, she sure did right by that kitty, didn't she?

Smiles and tears, for you and your sister. It is So hard to lose a baby, even if he was 20. Thank you for the touching post, Reminds me to go and light some candles for my animals that have passed.I will visit their pictures and tell them how much I love and miss them, and am glad they are not suffering any longer. I bet Sebastian had the best year of his life, enough love and devotion to make up for the previous 19 years. Take care of yourself and those you love.

So sorry for Christy's loss. Why is it such a loss brings to mind all the others? I suppose it's the last gift the crossers give us, yes? the gift of memory... anyway, I think i know at least one four-footed friend who will be there to dive her ankles when she takes that walk...

So sorry for Christy's loss. Why is it such a loss brings to mind all the others? I suppose it's the last gift the crossers give us, yes? the gift of memory... anyway, I think i know at least one four-footed friend who will be there to dive her ankles when she takes that walk...

Wow Rachael, what a good quote. You made me cry. Sebastian sure was lucky to have your sister. Love to both of you. :)

You brought a tear to my eye today. Your sister's writing was lovely, and your choice of quote spot on. My heart goes out to you both this evening.

Rachel, you were so kind with her comments when I lost my beloved Nali Kitty a few months ago. Please pass my heartfelt condolences on to your sister, along with peace with the empty place her kitty leaves....they will meet again, I am sure of it!

Many hugs and kisses to Christy for what must be a wrenching time. I had a little tear forming as I read what she wrote, and dang it all if it didn't spring out when I got to Watership Down, the only book I loved so much I can never read it again.

oh, my heart aches for Christy - I lost my Nick after 18+ years. You know it's coming but it still hurts so much - there are times when I still expect him to come around the corner. Give her an extra hug for me.

I love Watership Down - it's just perfect.

Thanks for the great comments! I'll put off Sirdal...you get one and we'll do a knit along! c'mon, I know you want to!

I'm very sorry for Christy's loss. I'm sure she has many wonderful memories of such a special little cat.

Thanks for the photos of A & D -- precious!

I'm so sorry about Christy's kitty. But I do find consolation in the fact that, in the end, he had someone who loved him so much!

Rachel...I just love reading your blog!
Your spirit shines through every word!

I hadn't been over to your place for a couple days...I just got caught up. Loved your post about your trip to your mom's...all the smiling made me smile too!


Oh, just look at that mug!--who could not love such a wonderful fellow as Sebastian. Poor Christy, I'm so sorry for her sad heart. I love what Caroline said, about the gift of memory, & I'm thinking about my little old man Roger, who left me a year ago after 18 years of demands, complaints, pillow-hogging. I MISS my ornery ole guy daily--and I'm so glad he spent his life with me. Remind Christy she'll be glad too, once the sadness gets some time to fade.

So sad to hear of Christy's loss. I also shed a tear and remembered my own sweet Dallas who was the person who loved me the most. She used to put her little head on my pillow and lay her paw on my shoulder as I read a book before sleeping. When I put out my light she would go to the foot of the bed and warm my feet. It's been 10 years now and I still wake myself up sometimes when I stretch out in bed and then say "I'm sorry Dallas. I didn't mean to kick off the bed" Give Christy a hug for me.

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