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PopMarch 16, 2004

When I’m tired, I’m such a dumb-ass that I scare myself. Yesterday work sucked. Big time. The phones are being upgraded. Unfortunately, that meant they weren’t working well, if at all, for most of the day. Imagine a 911/police department communication center without working phones. I got so stressed out that I went beyond stress and entered this amused zen zone. I just giggled. The new 911 ring-tone sounds like that Close Encounters tone, and it cracked me up every time it rang. Boo-bee-boo-BOO!

Worked overtime, too. And trained all day on the radio, on a really busy day. I was driving home when I realized I had my cell phone open and to my ear. I had been holding it to my ear for at least seven blocks. There was no one there, it hadn’t rung, and I hadn’t dialed anyone. I was just listening. This was so funny to me that I called work (hoping they’d be able to answer) and while I was waiting at the stoplight for Brandy to answer, the guy behind me honked for me to go. I looked up to see if I’d missed the green light. I WAS AT A STOP SIGN. Not a light. And I only go through that intersection eight times a week. So when Brandy picked up the phone, it was to the sound of honking and a maniacal giggle.

I came home and didn’t sleep. No, that would have taken the fun out of my sleepy-high. Instead, I sat on my couch and went through all the ring-tones that I had downloaded to my new-fangled cell phone. Oh, my god. The choice! But technology hasn’t quite caught up yet, at least not with the $79 (upgrade) phones from Verizon. You can download almost any popular song, but each one sounds like it’s being played by some guy with stringy dark hair playing his 1985 electronic keyboard in his mother’s basement in Bakersfield. Pretty much only Coldplay and 80s pop/techno tunes sound good. And if I had Coldplay as my ringtone, I’d.... I’d..... Well, I wouldn’t be me. Let’s just say that.

But 80s tunes, hey. Let’s talk. I could NOT decide between Depeche Mode, the Cure, and A-ha. Oh, the Psychedelic Furs were in the running, too. (And my GAWKs, Cannonball was way up there, but sounded kinda stoopid. Must stick with 80s electronica.) Finally went with "Close to Me" by the Cure. Upbeat. A little silly. With that nostalgic I-wore-Madonna-bracelets-and-I-know-you-did-too kind of thing goin’ on. I would call myself, just for a thrill, but my home phone decided to break today. Lord.

It’s the (my) weekend! Yow!


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the "honker" -- he must have been from boston.

Hee hee hee.... Close to Me is one of my favorite Cure songs... At one point I went around looking like Robert Smith, all teased out hair and black eyeliner. Who'd've thought I'd morph into this mild-mannered knitter....

You silly, silly girl.

Funniest ring tone (in context)? In the middle of one of Michael's fabulous classes last semester, that sacred class that no one would ever dream of missing or interrupting, my friend Jeff's cell phone rang. He'd forgotten to turn it off and was mortified. What was even more embarrassing was the ring tone: "Push It" by Salt n Pepa. Yup. We all took great pleasure in singing "Ooh, baby bay-bee!" to him. The moral? Think long and hard on your choice and always turn off your phone in Michael's class.

Man, to think I picked out a phone because it was little and cute and flips shut, without realizing that it's not compatible with any downloadable ringtones. I'm stuck with the ones it comes with. But I suppose it's for the best, because otherwise I would surely do as Cari's friend Jeff, and be embarassed by it in a deposition or something.

O.M.G. I laughed so hard I cried...cuz I am in the tired zone too and the LAST thing I should be doing in this crazed mental state is reading (or commenting to) BLOGS.
I need to go lie down. I've used up my snort allowance for the MONTH.
the countdown to MSWF has begun....

My ring is the Beatles' "Blackbird." I think it drives the spousal unit a bit nuts, but, he doesn't know how to change it I would change it to Queen's "Bicycle Race" if they would add that, but so far no luck.

(I barely slept, on the couch, due to coughing. I think I may be holding the phone to my ear... Shutting up now...)

Lessee...there was my gangsta-wannabe student last semester who had "Hava Nagila" on his cell phone, and now I have a modern Orthodox student with "Play That Funky Music White Boy" on his...what *is* the world coming to? But I'd have to go with "Frankly Mr. Shankly" as my 80s nostalgia choice, and "Baby's Got Sauce" if I could simply download the song. Well that's a funky lemonade you got brewing baby...

I might have worn the braclets, but I *NEVER* wore those hair bows! giggle

We have They Might Be Giants and Lyle Lovett on our phone along with pics--could you upload photos? Love that. I hope you get some sleep Rachael. Enjoy your weekend.

You are a lunatic!! Well, getting the giggles is much better than being a hostile maniac, right? I can't believe you can use an A-ha tune on your phone! Their one hit was so cheerful--I think ou should use that one!!

Hee. The theme from "Sanford and Son" for me. Unless it's the holidays, in which case it's "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."

I've got my little Nokia phone playing a Swedish drinking song. This amuses my Swedish father-in-law to no end.

And yes, we actually sing this song while tossing back the aquavit.

Ah yes, the joys of cell phone rings! My friend had "Beat it" on her phone, and it also went off during class...The professor just happened to be the one social work professor who is too snobby for her own good, and could hardly believe that a Michael Jackson song was interrupting her class! I have to admit that I took a great deal of pleasure in that interruption for the professor's confusion alone...
Keep giggling and having fun! I love your stories...

I'm with Mariko: definitely "Take on me" by A-ha! (What did that even MEAN?)

You are a lunatic. Go to sleep!

hah i had coldplay as my ringtone for months! i just changed it back to "blue monday" by new order. i have also been known to have "git ur freak on". thank god it never rang in public during that time.

Great ringtone choice, I must say. I don't have the wonders of a polyphonic phone, but many years ago, when Nokia first introduced the phones where you could program your own ring tone, I wrote a 'version' of 'Everything Counts' by Depeche Mode. Suffice to say they wouldn't have been suing me for breach of copyright. Although if Dave Gahan had personally dropped the paperwork by...... mmmmmm.......drifting off now.

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