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March 18, 2004

We went to an oyster/cajun place in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Tonight was Boys’ Night Out. Okay, it’s all girls, technically, but we like to play like we’re the swingin’ bachelors, living it up, beer and curse words flowing freely. When we sang Happy Birthday to Brooke, we were astonished how loud we were.

It’s nice to be around people who have fun. It’s nice to be out and about, especially in the evening of a day that wasn’t too great (I spent most of my time in bed, napping fitfully, reading more L.M. Montgomery journals). It’s good to have people laugh with you, to laugh until you hurt.

I swear that my lungs actually feel BETTER for all of this. I didn’t overdo it. I was very careful. Two beers, some nice snapper (I’m not thinking about the two jello shots. What? Isn’t that cajun?), and back on the Bay Bridge before ten. And now, to continue my Being Good, I’m off to bed. Up early – my week starts tomorrow (Friday). So g’night. And happy weekend to you!


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What? I'm the first person to comment? How long has it been since that's happened? I'm glad you had fun, but jello shots? Seriously? I've always found them rather gross...ok, the one time I had one I thought it was gross...

And I'm glad you're feeling better, toots.

Glad to hear that you had a great night! That always seems to make you feel better, even when feeling sick. Hope you continue to feel better!

Hey Sweets! Glad you're feeling better. I had to laugh at your ring tones post. I too had a hard time finding the tone to represent,without sounding like a musical birthday card.

Some tunes are not meant to be toned. It's a sad fact. I ended up with Salt n Pepa's "Push It" It translates good. It translates reeeeaall gooood... doot doot doot doot doot,duh dooty dooty...

Although it was a tad embarrassing when my phone rang while I was holding up the line to spit nails at the idiotic cashier in Marshall Field's underwear department...

Oooo Baybe baaaybe b-b-b-b-bay-bee.

I now have "Strangers in the Night" for a backup, in case I'm in a situation where I should be ringtoning my age.

we were SOOOO happy you felt well enough to come! You were hysterical. Thanks for the card & book. I'm going to be a drunk Martha Stewart.

Good girl, plus you had fun, and that's what counts! I can't believe you were on your way home by 10pm. I didn't think anything in the Bay Area even started until after 10pm!! Glad you're feeling better. Just keep it that way!

Umm, did you go to PJ's Oyster Bed? If so I am SO jealous. That is one fun place. My last apartment in the city was in that neighborhood and I could walk to it, along with all the other cool eateries in the neighborhood.

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