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I *heart* NYApril 30, 2004

Our first meeting with Em!


In'int she gorgeous?


At the March!


The Cutest Marcher:


The next day, lunch with Wendy!


Our lovely Lady:


And how she sometimes appears:


Don't tell his mom, but Scout sometimes sleeps on sock yarn.


Knit NY!


Cashmere at School Products..... I love Michelle.


I love Cari.


And I love Alison, too.


Bethany found that Central Park has good swings!


Up in the castle:


Cherry blossoms are in season:



Tulips are, too.


In front of the Chelsea Hotel, the home of poets, writers, and artists of all sorts. Bethany's trying to look inscrutable. I think she succeeds:


Very happy:


Cari is proof that yes, knitting IS sexy.


A goodbye kiss (note that gorgeous Rosedale....)


Whew. Deep breath. Now the post. But all I have to do is pretty much cut and paste, so here y'are, m'dears.

Friday, April 30th

We just left New York. I’m on a bus that runs between the New York and DC Chinatowns. Beth’s sitting across the aisle from me, knitting, and I’ve decided to hope that I’ll be able to download this post from my very own computer when we hit the hotel in Maryland later today. So far, carrying the computer hasn’t been the best choice. I’m still hoping it’ll pay off, though....

I’m semi-heartbroken to leave New York. It’s not a full heartbreak, though, because I know I’ll be back. When I leave a city like Prague or Paris, I have a vague hope that I’ll return. But cities like Venice and New York, my return is assured. Completely.

The best part of the trip so far? Being with my Brooklyn girls. I already loved them, you knew that. But actually being with Em and Cari, in the flesh, was a different and wonderful thing. I think I was only able to articulate it when I met Cari’s dogs for the first time. I had heard stories about them and seen pictures of them for so long, but when they were before me, in three dimensions, I finally met them. I finally knew them.

Actually, that’s how this whole trip has been so far. The flat, two-dimensional New York of books and movies became fleshed out in front of me. I understood the spatial relations of sidewalks against walls. I discovered how long it took my particular feet to cross Central Park. I tasted that knish, bought from a street vendor, that every newcomer has to taste. (Actually, I was way cool when I ordered our snack. “Two knishes.” “Mustard inside?” “Yeah.” Took the knish. Nodded at the vendor. Then turned back into Rachael and leaned in and told him, “This is our very first knish ever! We’ve never had one! I’m so excited!” And man, was it worth it.

Yesterday Bethany and I had the most marvelous New York kind of day. We took the subway in from Brooklyn and went to the Chelsea Hotel. We goggled a little. Then we ate Krispy Kremes across the street. I believe I inhaled three of them without exhaling once. Then uptown to the Park. Well, we thought we were going uptown, but by then we were both getting cocky. Yeah, this subway system is easy. We got it. We know it. Uh-huh. Oh, shit, we’re across the river and not in Manhattan anymore. We really did go uptown via Queens (which is kinda like going from Fisherman’s Wharf to North Beach via Oakland), but the subways are so damn fast and efficient that we were back uptown in a flash.

Central Park was insanely beautiful. The sun was shining, and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. We climbed the castle and rambled the Rambles (I know, but it was daylight – we saw no illicit sex going on, darn it). For Christy, we found the Dakota and went to Strawberry Fields and watched the nations throw flowers at John Lennon’s circle. We kept passing places that rang those 2D bells. Oh! What show were these benches in? (Sex and the City.) Where have we seen this bandstand before? (Breakfast at Tiffany’s.)

Bethany travels at the same pace I do. Lots of walking followed by prolonged periods of eating, resting, and people watching. After a quick tour of Madison Avenue, we went back to the East Village, which is by far my favorite section of New York. We drank beer on the sidewalk in the sun and watched the clothing/hair go by. I have now realized that Californians really don’t know crap about dressing. They think they do, but New Yorkers have that confidence that just makes ‘em look GOOD, no matter what they’re wearing.

I was just talking to Bethany and realized we really hadn’t bought any souvenirs. We didn’t shop at all, actually (you leave that cashmere outta this). I did buy a crappy NY tee shirt that I plan to sleep in, and yesterday, after our day out, I took Bethany back to Knit NY to have a cup of coffee and to knit for a little while. I bought one of their shirts, and I’m glad. After my all-day yarn excursion on Wednesday, and our knit-night at Cari’s, I can now say, Yes. I did Knit New York.

** Friday night: Now at the high-speed internet connection at the Sheraton, I’m glad I brought the computer. Still no time to catch up on blogs or email, I’m sorry, but I’ll do that when I get home. The bus ride was uneventful, but rather miserable. They put on a Chinese kung-fu romance at an amazing volume, and I couldn’t stop watching it. I was also pretty stoned on Aleve because in the subway in Chinatown NY, I pulled a muscle in my back. I was trying to go through the turnstile while reaching for my heavy suitcase on the other side. I scared poor Bethany to death because I found myself still leaning over the turnstile, only able to say, “Stuck. Stuck. STUCK!” She ran all around me, trying to get me unstuck from the mechanics, but it was just my body that wouldn’t move. She carried my suitcase the six blocks to the bus, and I tried to keep still for the rest of the ride. Ever tried to do that for four hours on a swaying bus? Oy. But the drugs helped, and I’m in the hotel now, and I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be good as gold tomorrow for the Sheep and Wool Festival! I can’t stand it! See you there?


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I miss you! Sadie and Diego miss you! MWAH!

I will see you in a few hours! What wonderful memories you have made on this trip!

GREAT POST! I long to move back to nyc even more now. I have to plan a visit soon! Your pics are wonderful! Glad you had an amazing trip.

Chelsea hotel! How cool. And the Knit NY shop/cafe intrigues me. There's nothing like that where I am. You make Newyork sound much more exotic than I'd think of it as. Happy travels!

Oh Rachael I adore you, what a wonderful post! I know you described yourself once before as a cup-flowing over person, wehich is especially wonderful when I read something like this.I love the way you see things, travelling vicariously through you is such a pleasure!!! :)

All I can say is, SIGH.
What a great, great trip. Keep going!

Oh, I'm all verklempt! I don't know what to say. I'm so glad you wrote so much about your time in NY, and the photos -- oh, the photos. I'm going to come back and look at them again and again. And the Crotch mug! Sniff!

The pictures are SO EXCELLENT!!! Thanks for sharing it all with us. Have fun at MS&W...give big XO's to my fave bloggers. They know who they are. To you, too!

I'm bummed that I missed seeing you guys, but glad to hear you had such fun, and VERY glad to hear that you'll be visiting again . And knishes? 2 words for you: "Yonah Schimmel's". On the Lower East Side, no less. Next time...

Great post. I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel with my college boyfriend for his graduation. I love NY. I am so glad to be back. And I am glad you were able to see it in all of its glory. Except for your back.

Sorry I missed you at the MS&W. It was very crowded but Kevin and I had such a good time. I hope you did too. :)

Aw, man--I miss you! Can't wait to hear about Maryland.

You're right, Emdash *is* gorgeous, I totally agree. And it looks like you had a wonderful time. The Hub's brother is in the Hollywood area, and we are hoping to go out and visit sometime this year, if we do, I might make the boys fend for themselves for a day or so and come say hi, Art Fibers is calling with a sirens song!!

I love travelling vicariously with you!

Dude, you're all gorgeous! And the yarn is gorgeous, and .... *sigh*. I'm so glad I get to experience this trip with you....

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