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April 28, 2004

From this:


and this:


(thanks, Maureen, for the photos), to THIS:


Sigh. I love New York. Doy. Didn't I know I would? I think I was a teensy-tinsy bit worried that I might not, but I do. Falling head over heels already. Yesterday found us waiting in line on a busy street in the East Village. I felt so cosmopolitan. Waiting, with all the other busy New Yorkers. Oh! What were we waiting for, you ask? Tickets to the Producers? Waiting for entry to the hot new club? Oh. Uh. No. Free cone day at Ben and Jerry's.

We went to the Statue of Liberty first thing. I met the Manhattan skyline properly, with the polite handshake followed by the kiss on the cheek which she deserves. But by the time the ferry pulled back in to Battery Park, I was flattering her with my most effusive compliments, hoping that she'll love me back. The rest of the day was just spent wandering with our fantastic and lovely tour guide, Em. Then we had dinner with Cari. I can't even TRY to describe her. She's all I thought she would be and more. Double sigh. I'm totally, wonderfully happy and satisfied.

Especially since today is our Yarn Crawl. We're meeting at Knit NY in less than an hour, and then it's ON. Yarn, the whole day. Expect exhaustion later. Bethany's out meeting the city by herself this morning. She likes yarn, but maybe not QUITE as much as we do.

I'm sorry I'm not checking email, but I am thinking about you. Really. In and around the yarn fantasies. From New York City, MWAH!


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Save some room in your suitcase for MARYLAND!

Soooo jealous. I want to be in NY, too. Waah!
Tho' its apparent you are, have an awesome trip.

W. :)

Who doesn't LOVE NY? I'm listening to some Bobby Short NY songs right now.

I keep thinking that I should move there. Then it hits me. J, that's another country and you need a green card.

Oh, well. Just want to express my extreme jealousy and wish you well on your trip. Have a Ben and Jerry for me.

Oh, Rachael, if yer gonna be a noo yawker, you never wait IN line, you wait ON line...je, je (Nuyorican for heh, heh...)

Oh My Gawd ... of course, New Yawk loves ya baby! I must 'fess up that I have yet to hit all the City's LYS's! And, I a mere, stones throw ..here on Long Island! Enjoy the Big Apple..ain't no place like it in the world.

New York is one of my very favorite places to be. And not just because my boyfriend lives there. The first time I went there, I found a great big piece of myself that I thought I had lost. It was my first real trip on my own without husband and kids. New York somehow felt like coming home. I miss it.

NYC is my favorite place in the world, and not only because I live here and grew up here. I wish I could see it though the eyes of someone who is seeing it for the first time though!

I also wish I'd planned ahead and emailed you gals to meet up with you today. I am a mere 10 minute walk from KnitNY. Sigh.

So jealous. NYC is on my list of places to go. I'll live vicariously through you for now.

Happy yarn shopping (like it could be anything but).

I'm having such a great trip - vicariously that is. Take pix of all yarn....show + tell = good.

I would have loved to have caught up with you guys today at Knit NY during my lunch hour.

Oooh...have a fab time on your Yarn Crawl. Terribly jealous. I have never "really" shopped for yarn in NYC either. What is it with Long Islanders? Looking forward to you letting us know which ones are the best. :)

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