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Oh, I Got the Cone.April 29, 2004


I'm in School Products in New York. This was our last stop on our Yarn Crawl of New York, and yes, behind me is Em and Cashmere. Not shown are Cari and Iris of Unfurnished Brooklyn.


It's ridiculous. Yesterday I had cashmere (a 2lb pound of lovely green and 2 small hanks) and pierogis (both potato and spinach) and an egg cream (?) and a gander at a lot of the City. Today, Bethany and I will tackle the City on our own. We leave tomorrow, but I don't want to!

I have so much more to write. You know I do. I can write reams on the way I buy toilet paper, but today there are things to do (and eat). Ciao.


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chica, you are *glowing*! that is a happy vacation face if i ever saw one! :) oh, i wish i had been a knitter when i lived in nyc (lost opportunities for mad stashing, i think)... this sounds like such an amazing trip. enjoy the rest of it!!

Sooo much fun... I'll have to yarn crawl vicariously for now... only one shop in all of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale combined. Maybe this weekend I'll head up to Boca and Palm Beach...nah..
how about a yarn crawl in Oakland and SF when you get back???

Hooray, hooray! Keep taking it all in. Enjoying every minute!!!!

And be safe!

That face is the epitome of happy. How adorable are you? So glad you're having FUN! And I can't wait to hear all about it when you come home.

Ooo! Did you ship it or will I get to touch it? Have a fun fun day today~

Cones of cashmere! Just like an ice cream store ....

Rachael...how about that egg cream!! There used to be a place on the corner of 53'rd and Lexington that had THE best egg creams, as well as lemon and lime or cherry rickey's! Nothin' betta than an egg cream in New York! Enjoy!

What kind of egg cream? Yum! I hope you have had pizza, and a pretzel and a dirty water dog!!

i'm so jealous of all the fun you're having! i live a measly 100 miles away and i still haven't gone yarn shopping in the city. glad you're having loads of fun with it though. see ya on saturday!

My God, Rachael, you look positively undone. Besotted with the Big Apple, are we? Me too! It's something else, isn't it?

A yarn crawl with buddies! *JOY* hehehe by the look of your rosy cheeks you have a bad case of "yarn fever" ;¬)*G*

I can't wait to see the face you make at MS&W!! It's no mystery that yarn makes us all smile! See you there, I hope!

The cashmere glow on your face is giving me yarn envy! (My, what a large cones you have?)

You do look a little feverish, ya conehead. (But you can't, you won't, and you don't stop!)

Yay! You got your cone! And you do look thrilled about it. Hope to see you on Sunday!

What is an egg cream? Could somebody explain, please?
Oooh, that cashmere...mmm. How you restrained yourself to one cone, I don't know.
BTW, thanks for the reports and pics on the march. I wish I could have gone, but since I couldn't, am grateful that you and the other 1.1 million people there could represent all of us who feel the same way. Bush needs to stop being our president NOW.

Envious as hell! Your take of the Big Apple is wonderful, hope you enjoy your last day as much as the ones that preceded it... I can see from your face and from your posts this is one place you WILL return to!

I love how Em's in the background: "no time for photos! Must shop!!"

Actually, that describes me, and Cari.

It was a blast! Great meeting you.

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