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Bad MomMay 21, 2004

I went to bed late last night (well, as late as a girl who works midnights can say is late) and didn’t fall into real sleep until about 5am, when Adah decided she wanted to eat. That’s a little early for us, so I usually put her out in the living room until about 6 or 7, when I’ll get up and feed them and then go back to bed. This morning (oh, the guilt), I didn’t wake up to their crying. I always wake up to their crying. Usually the slightest whimper of hunger wakes me and then I can’t get back to sleep.

Today they cried until 10:45, when I finally woke up, looked at the clock, and said Shit. Because, you see, there’s only one litterbox in the house, and it’s the depths of my closet. In my bedroom. To which they had no access.

Not sure which one it was, but s/he had pooped very neatly into the sissal Ikea two-dollar rug and then rolled it up. Not kidding. Wasn’t that sweet? But still. The looks on their faces! Betrayal! Shock! Disgust at having to live like cats in the wild.

I’m a Very Bad Cat Mom today. Digit and I were had been in retroactive-mother’s-day-present negotiations, but today the talk has been tabled until further notice.

And by popular demand! Mariko's running tips! Whoo-hoo! (Besides the knitted jogbra, the last line is my fave.

Well, I think it's great you are going to start running. I'm sure you will get loads of unsolicited advice, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon! Here are a few suggestions so easing into running will be fun and painless (the most important thing):

- Get yourself a good pair of running shoes. Transports, which is just up on College Avenue, is a good place, and they will fit you with the appropriate shoe for your foot type (that is VERY important. Don't let me catch you going to Big 5 or the 24-hour Long's for your shoes!!!!). A pair will cost you probably $80-100 but will be well worth it.

- If possible, run on soft surfaces such as DIRT. Dirt is your friend, and concrete is not. Do not run on sidewalks unless you absolutely have to. They are murder on your joints. When I first started running, which was when I lived in Berkeley (sigh), I ran around the little dirt track at that park on Cedar Street. It was perfect for me because I didn't have to think that hard (since I was just going around in circles), and I could keep track of my progress very easily. Sometimes having to find a route is psychologically more brutal than just going to a track. So, to start, that might be an option for you. Also, I initially ran with a walkman because I hated running, and I needed a distraction. After a couple of weeks, though, I decided to go cold turkey. I figured that if I was going to become a runner, I needed to learn how to run without music (plus it's really dangerous).

- Pepper spray, if alone.

- Don't start worrying about the marathon yet. First you need to get into routine running and build up a baseline. The marathon is far away, and you have a ways to go before you get there.

- Please don't knit yourself a jogbra. I don't think it will be very effective (you are, after all, a loose knitter).

- Don't worry about speed. Maybe find yourself a nice little path or track on a soft surface and begin by running 1/2 mile (that's what's nice about a track), walk 1/2 mile, run 1/2 mile, walk 1/2 mile. Maybe for your first week or two just work on ONE MILE, then slowly build your way up. Pay attention to what your body tells you, obviously.

- When you start building up to higher mileage, explore! My favorite runs in the East Bay were the Strawberry Canyon route by the Berkeley campus, and the Inspiration Point area at Tilden Park. Gorgeous.

- If you like social running, join a running group or start one. I have several friends in Berkeley/Oakland whom I am trying to coerce into joining me for some part of the Chronicle Marathon, and they would love to run with you. They are kind, funny, generous souls, and they would adore you. They are also trying to get into shape right now, so it's not like they are going to run you into the ground and leave you for dead.


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I think that running here (nantucket) and running there would be two entirely different things...that said I NEED to run (which I am going back to) with music cause I need the beat to run to...kinda dorky but hey...I know I am...Have a blast...and there are some great jogbras at Activa online...

What nice kitties, to roll up the poop nice and neat-like.

I was bad cat mom when I emptied the litterbox before realizing I had none left. Waited too long to go to store, so Babykitty jumped in my lap and proceeded to squat on the newspaper I was reading. I removed her before anything happened; I certainly got the message, though.

Subtle but sweet, that Mariko.

I guess I'm one of the folks Mariko has coerced. If you're in need of interesting routes, I have some good ones, mostly in the East Bay, from when I was training for the breast cancer walk. Of course, training for a walk instead of a run meant that sometimes I knit while I was walking...

Ok, my morning sounds frighteningly similar except I have kids, not cats! The daughters not only plugged up the toilet (too much toilet paper, not enough flushes..) but wreaked havoc to every room in the lower floor.. When I woke at 9 (Pro-D day.. = sleep in time for mom...) they were cutting strawberries up for breakfast... No details, they are six (twins, partners in crime..)...

Luckily it it was friday.. my work out with a friend day and reward ourselves with sushi day and dear Hubby dealt with the bulk of the mess..

My train of thought? Kids are like CATS!!

We're all allowed a bad cat mom day every once in a while. It's not like there is gross kitty negligence going on. I'm sure Digit will forgive you.... eventually.

Make sure you get a really good jog bra. The floppage is one of the reasons I hate to run. Well, that and shin splints. I finally found a bra that makes my front porch as immobile as a mountain range. Now if I could just find a way to push myself out the door.

Thank god it was the Ikea mat (wink, wink). J Strizzy and I shall walk and knit along with you....I do think you might want to take mariko VERY seriously about the sidewalk vs dirt part....and if you are even THINKING about it...how about the jogbra in cascade fixation? The broadripple pattern? sorry. couldn't help myself. mwah!

I'm paying attention. I think I'm going for walking rather than running, but I'm finding this stuff really helpful.

I'm still questioning your "big boned" comment from a few days ago. I've seen your picture. I've seen how much yarn you use to make a sweater, compared to how much I use (I use way more!). I think you must be confused. Or else you're "big boned" in a very petite way. :-)

If Nathania would divulge what company makes said immobilizing jog bra, I would be most grateful.

I'm with Em, indulge us Nathania!

That is too funny about the rolled up poop. And Mariko -- hee hee! She's funny, too.

I second the shoe suggestion. They are key and will serve you well.

All good suggestions, but the best thing is to find your own way. Find what will get and keep you out there. I could never run in circles; I had to run on the beach. And make up little games and stories while panting. The key is to distract yourself until it finally gets enjoyable. And remember to grin. There's not enough smiling runners out there, and I swear, it makes it more fun. Love you!

There's nothing like being pregnant to make you really want to get into shape! I will live vicariously through you for the next few months. Once the baby is born and I venture out to get my pre-pregnancy (uh actually pre-30's) figure back, I may be coming to YOU for advice! Happy running!

Thanks for posting Mariko's tips! Is she a goddess at EVERYTHING or what?

I started a "running" routine a few weeks ago, and am following the program from this site:

It's called the Couch to 5K program. The name alone sold me! Good luck!

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