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BellaMay 11, 2004

I wrote a bunch of crap this morning that now I don’t feel like posting. I like my job, very much. It supports my writing and yarn habits, and that’s fabulous. But you know? It’s a job. And I have to go back to it tonight (and work a 7pm-5am shift after getting up at 8am this morning, sigh). Vacation is over. That blows. It was SUCH a good vacation.


So. Anyway. Here’s Bella.


Bella, cardigan version (included in directions), size 45 finished bust
Yarn: 9 balls Rowan Calmer, color 479
Needles: 5US
Gauge: 5st/inch

I love this cardie. It’s light and so soft, and it just feels good to wear. I added some blue shell buttons I picked up at MDS&W. Do take Joan’s suggestion, though, and add a hook-and-eye at the closure, or you’ll be safety-pinning it, like me. I’ll get around to it. Someday.

Last night Bethany and I took sister Christy out for a celebratory dinner at Fog City Diner in San Francisco. Christy’s about a minute away from getting her master’s degree at Berkeley, and she deserved a break. We realized that it was the first real grown-up dinner we sisters have ever had together, just the three of us. We’ve eaten out a million times, but this was the real deal – cocktails to start, appetizers (truffle fries with aioli, and oysters on the side), full dinner, bottle of wine, dessert.... We had the best time. They wanted to walk back to BART, and I was pretty whiney about it, but they were right: it was a gorgeous walk, a clear night, no fog, not many people about, just walking along the embarcadero, watching the traffic on the sparkling Bay Bridge.... It’s putting me in a better mood just thinking about it. And these faces! Look what I looked at all night!


They slay me. I love them.

And now, because you’ve been so patient, I give you the spoils of war. This is the whole haul. It felt like more when I was lugging it home, but spread out on the floor, I'm not that embarrassed.... If I were a Very Good Blogger, I would catalog the yarns with their colors, vendors, and prices. I’m a Bad Blogger this week. If you MUST know, email me and I’ll look up the name for ya. All anyone really needs to know, however, is that the huge green cone is cashmere/merino from School Products. I haven’t slept with it yet, but I still might.


And off to relax. Maybe a nap before work? See yehs.


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Sounds like an incredible evening--just the thing to get you through a long night at work. Great stash photo! It will bring extra meaning to each item you knit.

Duh! The Bella cardi looks great. I want to knit with Calmer...I could make something like that. :)

How CUTE are YOU with the matching weather pixie? Love the bella cardi, and so GLAD you had a grownup girls dinner out....the Herron Sisters Eat Out...sounds like a book title to me! I hereby declare this:
Take the cashmere with you to work Day........
that should make re entry a little bit easier, no?

i really like the variegated green down in the lower right corner... :)

I LOVE Fog City Diner! Brotherman still wears his 12-yr-old cap from there. Fun feast. And Bethany finished her Chickami, didn't she? I sent the other two balls of Fixation to G so we can knit matching Broadripples . . .

Wow! Your Bella is smashing! I love it!

You *do* match the Pixie! Even the way you're standing! Too funny.

Bella is too gorgeous. I think I really need one! If I made her, I'd come *up* with somewhere to wear her, I swear.

Welcome back to Reality! It was waiting for you here, all this time..........

nice sweatah. hey, don't i know you from somewhere?

Bella es molto bella! You've brought home some nice souvenirs from your trip too.

Just like with the strappy tank from Vogue, you've taken something I was rather "eh" about, and made it something I have to have. You're so cute in that Bella! It's perfect for the wedding.

And I'm glad your sisters convinced you to walk down the embarcadero. I love walking along there; in fact I'm about to go take pretty much that same walk with a coworker.

Gee...Rachael...when I open my dream yarn store (about 100 years from now) would you be my first
"guest knitter"???? Glad that you had a magical vacation and I loved your post on Nantucket. I've never been there but have gone to the "other island" a few times and always loved it.
Good to see you back (even if it means back at work too)!

gorgeous, gorgeous bella cardie! you are the fastest knitter in the universe. i just started the vogue tank, totally inspired by you... cotton classic, woohoo! i love that stuff. you know i am totally curious about the red yarn in the middle & the orange at the bottom... :) what a beautifully colorful haul!

Another beautiful sweater. And this one is extra special because I got to see you work on it IN PERSON! How many times can I say I miss you before it just gets silly?

I miss you. There. That's 307 times and counting.


Bella is great! Everyone is making lacy sweaters! I want one! See what you made me do.

Your MD haul is indeed impressive, but as I SAW you at MD, I KNOW you made BETHANY carry it! Nice work. As far as going back to work, just think, you have a job where you can refer to your coworkers by their badge numbers. Not everyone can do that...hey, if you're at work and need to call 911, who would you call? (Shut up, I haven't even finished this glass of wine).

Bella is fabulous, very elegant looking.
Glad you had such a wonderful holiday, I really enjoyed reading all your holiday posts and being on the trip through you!

Welcome back to the real world! I know you had a blast, but those of us stuck here missed you.

Bella is darling, or maybe it is you are darling in Bella? I dunno, it's too late.

I did wear my Wave and Shell tonight to the Knitting Guild Banquet and got lots of compliments! I may have to knit another, I am wishing it was about one repeat wider... uh huh... someday.

you look just too darn adorable. stop it. okay, don't.

glad you had some good sister time.

I must support Silvia on this one -- we both saw you and it was Bethany who was carrying your spoils. At the time you blamed it on your bad back, and I believe I read something about a subway turnstile mishap!

teasing is over, onto compliments ..... Bella looks terrific!

Ain't re-entry a bitch? Inversely proportional to the fabulousness of the vacation. You in trouble....

I would actually be more interested in hearing about WHY you bought what you bought (out of that mountain of choice) rather than the specifics of the haul.

sooooo pretty! and I have never met a group of sisters so close and loving... it's terrific to see/hear...kind of like holding your hands out to a glowing fire...hope re-entry is busy enough for the hours to fly and calm enough to leave you standing...

Claudia is smart--that's exactly what I would want to hear--why you bought the yarn. The cashmere, however, is a gimmee.

You look simply gorgeous in Bella. And I agree with Cari--it's even better because I was there when you were working on it! I got to touch it, even! And I miss you dearly.

Bella Bella! That is just too, too sweet. OK, I give up; it's going into my queue for the summer, and it's all your fault!

Your Bella looks great! I loved reading about your travels. When can we have another Oakland SnB?

Bella is wonderful! I've enjoyed reading your trip posts.

Not glad you have to go back to work, but awfully glad you're home. Can't wait to schedule some time to see your new stash in person! Seriously considering Bella now that I have a total love thing happening with Calmer... and I have been saying that I need a little black summer cardi....

And Rachael wows us with another lovely photo and creation! [Mad applause all around.] You are gorgeous in that snappy, retro bella cardi. It's perfect over that dress, too.

I am drooling over that yarn haul, missy. I'd be diving into it headfirst and swimming around with a leisurely backstroke.

Bella looks wunderbar! So pretty. I like it in the Calmer--gives it a tad more umph. And what a fun dinner with the sisters. Oh, and nice haul!You are having too much fun these days. Keep it up (even if you have to work).

From way over here in bootieville, that Bella looks divine!

BTW, zee hot tub? In the arteest-loft-livin' super super secret lair, deep in the heart of Bayview. I retain usage rights, though.

How do ya whistle over the internet? If I could, I would. You look lovely. Those cute sisters of yours are too. Welcome home!

Bella is fabulous. I recently spent too much money on a similar style sweater but it's crochet. Looks great.

Ooh Bella! It looks so good, like you bought it at some expensive vintage store. I'm so impressed.

Yay for sisters. Yours definitely seem like kindred spirits.

And the yarn...ohh, the yarn. Whatcha gonna knit next????

Bella + Calmer = Luscious!

And more great pics.

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