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ConfessionMay 19, 2004

With her permission, I give you the only work-safe campin' photo I have, Kelly knitting. This doesn't show the beer or the dog at her feet:


It is a little odd, this new home. Yarn-A-Go-Go. I write. I knit. I yarn. Brenna has fixed me all up, and you can officially update your links. Please? Yippee!

Okay, now I can’t think of anything I want to say. Huh.

Actually, there’s too much I want to say. I wrote today, in the sun, outside, writing for the first time on my garden swing. I KNEW I bought the one with a sun-shade for a reason. It’s my writing swing (and my reading and napping swing, too). Damn, it feels really good to re-claim what I know was already true, and give it voice and authority in my on-line life.

I never meant to have a knitting blog. Really. When I started blogging two years ago, it was just a place for me to write, to get my thoughts focused, to jumpstart the real writing. But I was a knitter, too, and I liked to read the knitting sites. When I moved to Typepad last year, it was easier for me to connect with knittin’ buddies, what with that elegant commenting feature ‘n’all. But I never joined the big knitting ring, never described myself as a knit-blog, although that is what I became. And I’m happy about it, too. I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had, right here, because of the knittin'.

But really, I’m a writer. Yup.

[Aside, does my kitty up there really look like he’s heaving up a hair ball? I’ll have to change him again..... Yes, my cats throw up yarn. Now there’s some yarn-a-go-go for you. Ah, well. There’s only so much playing around one can do with copyright-free graphics and not lose one’s mind.... I'll do it later.]

Speaking of losing one’s mind, I canNOT focus today and track a single thought. I’m thinking about too many things. Right now, I’m primarily trying not to think about the fact that I’m trying to turn into a runner. I know. I don’t run. As Greta says, I’ll run only if something is chasing me. Or if the ice-cream truck is moving too quickly down the street. Why, oh, WHY is the desire to run taking me over right now? I called a friend on Monday and asked her to lunch, knowing full well that she’s my shopping buddy. I pretty much hate to shop, so whenever I have a shopping chore, she comes along. I told, “I need to buy running shoes.” Instead of snorting, which my other friends have done with much glee, she asked me to run a marathon.

Let me say that again: She asked me to run a marathon. In Hawaii. The AIDS marathon. In December.

I said yes.

It might be the most stupid yes I’ve ever said, and maybe that’s why I couldn’t think of what to write today, because I’m trying not to confess what I did to y’all, my readers, who might somehow think they should hold me accountable FOR RUNNING A MARATHON. Mariko? Honey? We need to talk. Mariko and her friend Hedi are marathon queens. Hedi told me recently, "I think I'm going to run a marathon in every state." (I think I'm going to eat ice-cream in every state, is that kind of the same thing?) And they’re about the size of both of my cats put together. Now, I’m a healthy girl. Shall I call myself big-boned? Sure, why not?

A marathon? Cripes.

I’m reserving the right to flake. But I’m going to put my shoes on in a minute here and go for my second (ever) run. Training starts second week of June, and I don’t want them to know I can’t even run up two flights of stairs without turning beet-red. Good god.

See? As soon as I got honest with you, the tongue was loosened, wasn’t it? Oy.


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A lot of people use this running program to train for their first marathon.
The Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk/Run Program | ISBN: 1550548611
You can find it at http://www.chapters.indigo.ca

You know we have this little marathon here in NYC too...another excuse for a trip out east? Next time you visit, we can run in Prospect Park. It's a beautiful run and only 3.3 miles...

Running helps writing. Clears your head. Think of it as good for the novel.

so will this become your running blog too? i'll live vicariously through you - again! i've always tried, (oh how i've tried!) to "be" a runner, but it just doesn't happen! hey, maybe you'll inspire me - again!

Well if you're going to run a marathon, it may as well be in Hawaii! Good luck with the training...

Yay for you! Mariko is coming up here for the Chronicle marathon later this summer and invited me to do it with her. There's no way I can do a whole marathon, but there's a half-marathon and a 5k too, so I think I'm gonna try for the 5k. Wanna join me as practice for the marathon? August 1...

Oh Lordy! Run a marathon? In December? I will cheer ya on, but don't look for me to take up running in support. I walk anything faster than a trot and I can knock myself out with the boobage! Not a pretty sight.

You go girl!

Good for you, Rach. Clearly your body wants to get moving. Just take it easy, OK? Don't hurt yourself!

I do not know where to begin. Maybe with this: Boobs. Running. No.

Did you also buy a really good sports bra? I have yet to find the industrial strength bra I need that would allow me to run--even jog--without pain. Whoa, now who's being honest?

OK, but that said, I absolutely completely support you. Hell--December in Hawaii? Ooh! Lemme know how to sponsor you, babe.

And it goes without saying that I would join you in an ice-cream-in-every-state marathon. Now that's genius. Perhaps even...book fodder.

Love the new look and focus. Hey, we all KNEW you were a writer first and foremost, we read your entertaining blog!

I am a wanna be jogger too! Go girl and keep us informed with your new pursuit. A trip to HI is a pretty good incentive to train too I must say :)

Honey, I love ya, you know I do. Even if you go out and run. For 26 miles. In a row. Yup.

PS-will change my links soon, I promise!

You can do it! I'm training for the Chronicle Marathon (August 1st) and if you build up the miles gradually, it really isn't stressful/difficult/tiring at all. I highly recommend Jeff Galloway's program - short runs on weekdays and weekly long run, and finding a regular running partner for the long runs.

A marathon in Hawaii would get anyone running! Wow, what a trip that will be. I am a closet wanna be runner. Been runnin' on and off since last fall. You'll love it. Here's to cheerin' you on!

Love your new look.

Everything I ever hear/read/think about running makes me think that I'd love doing it. Until I try to actually *do* it, and then I remember that I don't love it.

(And I don't even have boobies to blame it on!)

Richmond has a marathon, too -- please come back!

I agree that the cat needs attention. I'd just trim off the bottom ear/hairball/tongue thing, and he'll be fine. (Says the person who wouldn't know how to do that without either scissors or a bottle of white-out!)


Way to go on making the commitment to run a marathon!! I've always wanted to run one, but I've been afraid to make the commitment to training. Its not like I'm a big runner, but think of the feeling of achievement!! I'll be sitting here cheering you on....go Rachael, go Rachael...go....!!

Being a big boned girl myself, running just never agreed with me. I can walk quickly for miles, but something about the movements of running, the higher impact, the bouncing boobage (hi em!) put my body in panic mode and it's all over.

I hope your system decides to be far more agreeable than mine ever was ;)

i like the idea of ice cream in every state ... i am not genetically programmed to be a runner -- a swimmer yes -- the extra body fat helps me float and the big feet are excellent for propulsion. but running a marathon? yikes. on the other hand. the boston marathon is in april. so i can expect you back for a visit?

Hey Rach, you should go see Monica (hollyweirdknits.blogspot.com) and talk to her about marathons. She runs them and helps other people train for them. She does triathalons (sp?), too. Best of luck!

Now you've done it--announce to the blog world that you are going to run a marathon, and there's no backing down (and it looks like you are now required to run a marathon in every state. I'll come along and eat ice cream). And yes, I'd been meaning to tell you that I am thinking about (see, no commitment yet) running the Chronicle Marathon on August 1. There's a 5k and a 1/2 marathon and would be a great goal for you! KNITTING RUNNERS/RUNNING KNITTERS UNITE!!!

Try Title 9 Sports for a great rating system for sports bras www.title9sports.com.

Love reading your blog, loved reading about your knitting/march for women's lives vacation. Am so behind you if you start training for a marathon - go girl go!

Wooooooo! There's no sense trying something new if you're not going to go all the way with it. Good luck, and be safe!

I'm planning on running my first marathon in October. I've been running for a few years and have completed half marathons. It's quite a freaky thought to think about running a full one! Here's my tip! Work up to running 5 minutes and then walk one minute. I ONLY think about 5 minutes at a time because I can do ANYTHING for 5 minutes. One can accomplish anything they want by doing it for 5 minutes at a time.

Can't wait to hear about your adventures and trade running stories with you. And let me tell you, I have a zillion running stories inside of me!

They say the first step in finishing a marathon is telling people that you are going to do one. So congrats, the first step is out of the way. If you have not already, you might want to try Team In Training, it's a great support group and they will help you to stay focused. Good Luck. P.S. Love your blog.

Rachel, go for it!!! I am thinkning about taking up running again after many years of not running. An incentive to run is that Frederick, MD has a marathon the same weekend as Sheep & Wool. So you could come back to play with the yarn and run the same weekend!

Rachel, go for it!!! I am thinkning about taking up running again after many years of not running. An incentive to run is that Frederick, MD has a marathon the same weekend as Sheep & Wool. So you could come back to play with the yarn and run the same weekend!

First, your clipart kitty does not seem to be yaking either hairball or yarnball. The new banner is great and appropriately symbolic.
Second, Kira and I have agreed to excercise twice weekly. Yesterday being the first test of this resolution, we walked (briskly) through the park for 35 min. At this rate I should be ready to join you in the 2006 marathon.

P.S. Sarah, whom I think you met for the first time at the rehearsal dinner, ran that marathon last year and had a blast.

Invest in some good foundation garments, can't have you bouncing down the streets of Oakland. :-)

The new look is fun and I admire the sentiment behind it!

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