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My sister Christy graduated about twenty-six years ago.


Today, she graduated again, receiving her Master of City Planning diploma from Berkeley.


Isn't she bee-yoo-tee-ful? I’m the proudest sister in the whole wide world. She had a small ceremony yesterday within her department, and today was the large one, where she wore her robes. What IS it about that hood that’s so wonderful, that has so much power? I loved seeing her in it.

And you must have the obligatory LittleMamaInHat picture:


Christy, you ROCK! I’m so proud that you’re my sister, and my friend. I love you.


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Congrats to Christy!

Congratualtions to your sister. I graduated with my masters of public health a few weeks ago. Yes, wearing that hood is a heady thing--dispite all it's acrylic-ness. Sure to make a mom cry! Love your blog!

You all must be so proud :) Especially your parents who have all raised such DYNAMIC, outgoing and interesting gals!

Congrats, Christy! All these photos are great.

Yay Christy!!

Yay for Christy! Looks like you had nice weather, too. And your mom is indeed very cute, and I am SO glad she is feeling better!

Yay! What fun, happy graduation pics! And, to echo everyone else...you're all fabulously gorgeous. Obviously Little Mama has some very good genes....

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