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Dela-where?May 4, 2004


Damn, that takes a long time. I'm on dial-up in a hotel, and I'm sorry to say you'll be gettin' no more pics. This was a very cute yarn shop in Williamsburg, however.

Cari's comment about me surfing the blog-ring in person cracked me up. It's true, I've totally been doing that. But I wish I had MORE time. I want to hook up with Maryse and Amber in Boston and Christy in Philly and about ten others I can't remember. I swear I need another trip. Or y'all need to come out west. Yeah, I like that one. And Joanna, geography was never my strong point. Heh. Is it that obvious? I've seen a LOT of the east this last week.....

We drove today. We drove a LOT. We’re in Delaware right now, and I can honestly say this is the first time for me. So far, no offense to Delawarians, but I’m not very impressed. Of course, we’re on the interstate, and that’s something I should remember. I'm sure Delaware isn't all Arbys and Exxons. We haven’t even made it to Dover yet. We’re in a smoking-room (sigh) Super 8 and Bathany’s in the bath, as per usual.

Today we left Richmond and went deep into tobacco country. We actually saw tobacco growing, something I didn’t even really know still occurred. Isn’t that stupid? Maggi said something humorous about us being so easily awed, but really, I am. I don’t know anything about these areas, and they’re so new and exciting! And the brick of the buildings is the most perfect red I’ve ever seen.

We went south to Jamestown and east over to Hampton and then up across the Chesapeake. I put my toes into the Chesapeake waters! And that’s technically the Atlantic, so I killed two bodies of water with one foot. It was cool. And actually, pretty damn cold, too. We crossed on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is 17 MILES of bridge and tunnel, up and down. Friends, that’s not a joy ride to me. Give me a nice easy plane ride. I hate tunnels. Especially deep ones where the traffic is oncoming, and there’s a person who slows suddenly coming at you in the other direction, and the traffic behind her has to brake so quickly that the semi four back is suddenly in your lane, and your sister is braking and doing an absolutely beautiful job fitting her little pickup truck body between the walls of the tunnel and semi’s wheels, and you look in the rear-view mirror to see another big-rig barreling down, trying to brake to accommodate your sister’s necessary slow-down.

I was so shaken I cried. Bethany was reassuring and cool, and I loved her. She said, “I knew I could handle my truck and that I would do the best I could do, and the rest wasn’t up to me.” She rocks.

After that little three second scare, the rest of the day was charmed. We drove north from the bridge, all the way up Virginia’s east shore. We left the regular small road and drove up the unlined road that went through old fields and past houses that haven’t been rebuilt after falling down and just rest there, in the middle of their overgrown trees, brick and wood sagging into the greenery. We saw almost no one else all the way up. At one point, we looked right and a little old lady was sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck, swinging her legs, her hair in a pink net. She waved. We waved back.

We went out to Chinkateague and saw the lighthouse and the NASA station. We tuned to their AM station and listened to their public service announcements about “Puppets in Space.” We ate a lot of Zingers bought in a rest-stop where they sold fruit and tee-shirts with pirates on them. (Shhh. I bought Bethany one.)

Tomorrow we’re booking up to Rhode Island and Providence. We’re realizing that we have almost no time left, and we really want to see Nantucket. Man, remember Wings? I loved that show. Can’t wait.


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You're having such an amazing trip. What fun to roadtrip with your sis while meeting up with lovely knitbloggers along the way. Can't wait to hear *all* the stories when you get back. And then maybe we can get some sock knittin' done!

in a smoking room?! RACHAEL!!

I loved that show too -- the cello in the intro music and the character Antonio were my favorites!wonder why it isn't on in re-runs ....

I totally agree about Delaware. Except for the tax free shopping. That's cool!

But overall, it stinks.

Safe driving.

And wave as you pass through Philly!

Did you purposely type Batheny? For someone who takes too many baths? That's hiliarious.

I'm terrible with geography too. But here's what you do when you're done. Just turn the car around and come north and when you hit the CN Tower, I'll be the chick waiting with wool and donuts. (and beer)

You're making me want to take a road trip.

Wings...loved it. Glad you survived the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Way to go Bathany. ;)

Providence is a great town. Did you see the miniature horses in Chincoteague? I can see that being on Bethany's list. Safe driving up North.

I'm moving to Providence in about a week and a half. Any chance you could stay there that long? I'd love to get to meet you.

When I was last yarn shopping there, I went to A Stitch Above. It was a small store, but there was enough yarn there to overwhelm my boyfriend in the time it took me to buy a cable needle and a magazine.

A Stitch Above
190 Wayland Ave
Providence, RI 02906

I hope that you're having a glorious trip. It's so much fun to read about what you're doing.

yay! wow -- i made it into a blog! hope to see you soon.

What a great trip-o-log! You guys sounds like you're having so much fun.

I hate tunnels too. And I also loved Wings! The guy who played Antonio, who is now like really famous (Tony Shalhoub) came to see a play I did in high school because his nephew was in it. Afterwards, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I was wonderful. And that is my only famous person story. But I digress.

Keep having safe, wonderful travels.

Awww...I'm in Providence. If you're here overnight we can hang out and knit! Maybe you can even stash dive. I have too much. I hope your trip through the east coast is awesome. Perhaps next time I'm in the Bay Area we can meet!

Didja buy anything at Knitting Sisters? I wanna see that shop . . . Sorry that the CBBT gave you a scare, but I hope the scenes on the other side made up for it. Forgot to tell you about a great coffeeshop in Chincoteague, but it sounds like y'all did all right. Felted the BUBOC last night, to perfection, wished I had you there to take the "after" shot, too! Safe travels ~ XXO

Aaahhhh, Providence, Nantucket, Boston. Now I miss New England. Don't worry, you'll have time to see plenty of it--they're small states. It's possible to drive clear across Rhode Island without even realizing you've entered the state until you're already out the other side (not that I've done that or anything).

there's no such thing as too many baths.

...okay, I changed my mind: you can take too many baths. or too long baths, rather. I took a too long bath yesterday? and my soap-and-washcloth hand (as opposed to my book hand) got so pruny? it got SO pruny that it took about an hour to un-wrinkle. and my body became permanently shaped like a bathtub. several people have commented on my new body shape today.

I miss miss MISS you guys. see you soon -Christy


Now you are heading into my old neck of the woods. Providence is a hop, skip and a jump (and one state border) from where I grew up in Attleboro, MA. If you take 95 you'll be passing through there. Wave to my Mom!

wow you are still on the road??

i thought you'd be home by now. on saturday (may 8) myself and 25-30 strangers will be mobbing the yarn stores in manhattan for a "yarn crawl". you probably won't be in the area - but if you are - email me and look me up!!!

Your road trip sounds so awesome. I am glad you survived the tunnel, sounds like your sis had it all under control.
Sometime you'll have to stop to see Greta so I can meet you ;-}

Awww, you've been in my old stomping grounds! My hubby is a Hampton boy, and I've spent quite a bit of time in that area.
I was similarly impressed by all the brick houses the first time I visited. It's something you really don't see here in quake prone California!

There's just something about combining bridges and tunnels that is just WRONG! Glad you made it through safely! Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

I love reading about your adventures. It's been too long since I took a road trip, but you're reminding me how awesome it is. Hey, are any other knitters into a Toronto-NYC-San Francisco road trip next summer? We can all stay at Rachael's house! ;-)

And the trip continues! You planned the perfect road trip that’s for sure!

It was sooo great meeting you. Definitely a highlight of MDS&W!

And the trip continues! You planned the perfect road trip that’s for sure!

It was sooo great meeting you. Definitely a highlight of MDS&W!

So. Very. Freaking. Glad. you are both okay. Don't scare me like that! (But good job, Bethany.)

YIPES! I should have given you the tunnel alternative route...glad you gals are okay! Check in with me, okay? I need to know you got to Boston okay and that you have a few moments to breathe before the Big Day.
Clam chowdah abounds where you are headed...ENJOY!

Bummer...Had I known the route you were taking through Philly we might have worked in a stop to see my knitting icedancer skate some Austrian Waltz. Drive safely.

Oh Rachel. Tunnells scare me pretty often, I think because they aren't around where I drive most of the time. That sounds like a pretty frightening experience. A lot of the driving, or copioleting, on the east coast has been daunting for me, but I'm not a big city driver. :-)
Delaware always impressed me by being so small.

ooops..I forgot the ms_ before my debbieduck@yahoo.com

I can relate to that tobacco-growing item -- I was sort of suprised just how salty the ocean is when I first experienced it. One knows, but experience is sometimes something else entirely. I despise tunnels, too! Thank God you two were ok! What a harrowing experience. Hope you don't have to go that route again.

Hmmm. I'm just tuning in for your fabulous adventures, and felt the need to affirm that, in fact, Delaware consists of little more than Arby's and Exxons. Spent four years there; it felt like 90, and now I'm happily 3,000 miles away. Get out of there fast, and enjoy the rest of your trip!

Mmmm...Williamsburg. That's one of my favorite places in the whole world. :)

Sounds like you're having a terrific trip! Are you coming to the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend?

Williamsburg?!?!?! Oh, good choice! I went to school there and still love the place like an old friend. And Knitting Sisters is a very friendly, very nice shop. I hope you got to see more than Route 60/Kingsmill, though -- the restored area and the College are wonderful!

So sorry I missed your visit!!!

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