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Diamonds on the Soles of my ShoesMay 14, 2004

This is going to sound stupid and very whiney, but I don’t wanna go camping! Don’t wanna! I want to sit on my ass on my couch, alone, and do nothing for three days. Can’t, because not only did I say I’d go camping with a bunch of friends (which I would have no problem flaking on), but I told two friends in a bad housing situation that they could house-sit for me. They’d be devastated if I told them I didn’t need them. They’ve been living for playing house here, and they deserve to.

Whinge. Poor me. What a dilemma. Don’t want to go play. What a baby I am.

Just grumpy as all hell. And lazy to boot. I’ll show the pic of my finished Lacy Thingie to try to cheer me up. I used a feathery lace pattern on the bottom (from the bottom of Bella) and then just did a Shapely Tank-ish top, throwing in one lace repeat in which to lace the ribbon. I kinda made it to camp in, but it’s WAY too fancy.



Specs: Soy Silk, from the boys, color unknown. The only green/yellow one (it wasn't printed on the ball). 3 skeins, just. Gauge: 5st/in. Needles: 5US. I do love that it's made from leftover tofu. That's kinda cool. And it's softer than it has any right to be.

I did cast on for yet another Chickami in green for mindless camping knitting. As soon as I get there, I’ll have a rip-roaring ball (with more roaring than ripping, I hope). I know that. But right now I’m just throwing a little haven’t-been-alone-for-more-than-one-hour-yesterday-in-three-weeks tantrum. Bethany left this morning, flying back to Boston to meet up with Tach, and I think that might explain a portion of my grumpiness. Miss her.

Don’t mind me. (grumping off to play, stomp, thump, stomp.....)



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god that's beautiful...i'm so J. hey -- did beth take my #?

god that's beautiful...i'm so J. hey -- did beth take my #? you'll have fun camping -- although i can understand why you would want to hang at home.

the tank is great - you totally inspire me :)

That tank is wonderful - and looks great on you.

I completely understand why you'd want some time by yourself to Do Nothing. I'm looking forward to flying east to spend this weekend wth my family, but I'm also a little miffed that my only alone/nothing time from now until next weekend will be on the plane (which is hardly the same thing). But I'm sure you'll have fun camping, especially all dressed up :). Love the lace-up part in the middle.

Very bodice ripper darling!

Are you actually sharing a tent with said friends or are you che-rip-stop- singular. Sharing may be a little difficult to organise the space and time for that moment for your self but singular rip-top could be added to with small skull and cross bones flag signalling pirate abroad who needs a little blue water around her anchor :0) Hey its late here.

Enjoy the trip BUT seriously plan that moment for YOURSELF SOON!! remember that planned for day to do nothing cept be??? may I ask Where Is It... Your wonderful housing situation may be gift to friends I fully approve of but gift to YOU just YOU would not go amiss my smiling, loving, sharing friend. Gifts for the good too eh.

oh, i hope you have fun this weekend. i am sure you will. your tank is very nice. way to go on mixing the patterns. you gotta plan some of that alone time you spoke of. i did it a few weeks ago and thought of you. :) it was such a relaxing day. i hope you and bethany had an excellent time. i hope she takes me up on meeting to ride the cyclone.

Lovely tank. Are you planning to publish the pattern?

Wow, I LOVE that tank! The style and the yarn are both fab. I was just reading about soy silk in my LYS's newsletter, so it was neat to come here and see that you had knit something with it. Oh, and cute kitty in the window!

Hello! *Great* Tank (tho' I would agree to the "too fancy for camping" verdict).

Soy fiber is making the pub. rounds it sounds like--I am glad to hear it is UberDreamy.

Hope you have a fabulous time communing with nature and all, but I am with everyone else: Hurry back Home for some You Time.

Usually when I feel like that, and then go and do the thing I didn't want to do, I end up having lots of fun. I hope you do! And your soy tank? Beautiful! (I totally don't understand how it's made of soy.)

Great tank!

Sounds like something I can relate to.. craving a bit of quiet time to regroup.. but knowing the camping trip will be a blast once you are there :) Any possibility of coming home one night early? Satisfy the R&R craving?

Gorgeous! And I remember when it was *this*
big...and it looks smashing on you!

Simply gawjus tank, m'dear. And you've given me a new excuse for all the yarn I have: I've rescued it. Who knows what could have happened to it?

Go camping. I whine and whine about going anywhere (what? leave my apt and all this precious yarn??), but then I have a great time. ou'll make some me-time later.

sigh. Totally understand. I MUST have an hour (minimum) to myself or I just can't THINK. The soy tank though? Love it. WOW.

Belissima! Methinks you should submit the pattern to Knitty or sell it your self...

I'm having similar grump issues. Went to a dinner party last night when all I wanted to do was stay home and knit. I have an all day meeting this morning too... whinge.

Hope your camping trip turns out better than anticipated and you get some sittin-at-home-on-the-sofa-just-knitting time soon. xoxoxox

The soy tank is beautiful, and looks fantastic on you! Not that I'm surprised by that...:) I do hope that you have fun this weekend, but add my vote for some relaxing alone time in your very near future!

I know you just want to sit around and be alone but you'll probably have the best time. I find when I don't want to do something that the best solution is to try and be as excited as possible about it. Raises your spirits and you usually have fun as well. So go have fun! (and don't forget your sunblock and bug spray....)

good gracious, you are the Queen of Cute Tanks. fabulous pattern, fit, AND color! adorable! wow. good luck with the camping... as a room service girl myself, it's hard to get into the idea of sleeping on the (gasp!) *ground*, but i am sure it will be fun once you're there. :) i am trying to convince my own lazy butt that getting up to go to a mid-day party in the dreary gray rain will be really fun... once i get there. :) suerte!

Super cute tank! Love that lace up!

The tank is too cute and so are you!

Beeutiful tank! Lovely!
Looks like your little meow is missing you already! Poor lil'both of you. Kitty prolly wants some mommie lap-sitting quiet time, too.

Sexy tank! Looks great! It's funny, I just gushed over you on my blog saying how great of a knitter you were and low and behold - another beautiful finish project.
Have fun camping!

Wowsers, once again! You ROCK! I'm just proud to be able to say I was sitting next to you when you started that darling tank. Hope the time out in nature is good to you~

Girlfriend ! You MUST publish that tank pattern!
That would look sooo cute on my girls (12 3/4 and 18 1/2 yrs).
You are a talent... now stop blushing, go camping and have fun...
I would wear it camping you'd be the most elegant camper there ;-)

Debbie in Ontario, Canada

That top is just too cute. Great job.

Great top. The tie is fabulous! And I have to try something with that lace detail!

beautiful tank! i love the little eyelet addition at the top for the lacing. and it's a great fit.

i know what you mean about just wanting some time alone. hopefully you'll get some of that camping. and take comfort in the fact that you're helping your friends out who are staying at your place for the weekend!

WOW WOWOW WOW!!! I bow to you oh Goddess of Tanks! And such a beautiful color to match your beautiful eyes! Splendid joh and I say take it camping - Mother Nature ain't got nothin' on you!

You never cease to amaze me with all of your skills - writing, knitting, philosophizing -

AND - I have a tent you can have cheap - my good friend gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago - it's a little geodiesic pup. It's a running joke between us now because it's never been out of the box. Camping, for me, was the Hilton at the MDS&W.

Thatis SO dang cute!! You are just one, amazingly creative, un-stop-able chick! Lovely. I want one.

Fabulous tank! I love that yarn and it's recycled soy?!? You'll be the Belle of Berkeley if that becomes public knowledge. Have fun camping, get home early and have a little alone time...

Very lovely tank! You can wear it anywhere! Please do tell us more about this soy silk yarn? It sounds wonderful. Where can I find it?

It makes me Very Happy when you knit those little takn tops and then wear them on the blog.

Very kind of you, sugar girl.


You said Whinge.


I thought I only said that.

Oh my tank top. It is so gorgeous! The color, the little lace up....you are such a tank vixen. I know you're not trying to seduce the camera, but you just can't help yourself!!

Love what you've done with the Bella/Shapely Tank hybrid! Very cute, and fits you well just as a Shapely should. :)

Joan McGowan-Michael

Hi Rachael! Remember me? I'm ruth's sister in law & dead Stuart's sister. Stuart was Laura Beth's dad. anyway, I know I'm sort of a latecomer to your site, but I just had to comment anyway. I sure know what you mean about liking and needing time to yourself. I crave it, too. I'd rather garden or read or sit'n'knit (crochet, too) than just about anything. I am intrigued about the soy yarn, will have to look for it locally. I really like to find old knit & crochet pattern books at thrift stores & try things out, but I'm always changing things around & never seem to be able to following a pattern till the end. Anyway, keep up the great yarning. Linda

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