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ErrandsMay 20, 2004

Mariko sent me the BEST list of running tips. I can't thank her enough for that. Especially this one: - Please don't knit yourself a jogbra. I don't think it will be very effective (you are, after all, a loose knitter).

I’ve got errands to run today, and I just hate that. I wish that you could do EVERYTHING on the internet sometimes. I was one of the first people to order groceries from WebVan when they went into business. I abhor grocery shopping (and most kinds of shopping, yarn excluded), so I thought it was brilliant that I could sit up in the wee sma’s clicking on what kind of tomato I preferred most, and that some strong young man would deliver it two days later, bringing the boxes down my stairs for me! It was like a miracle.


The good old days..... WebVan's gone now, and I can't afford the actual store delivery prices.....

Today I have to go spend my monthly hundred dollars on the prescription cat food that keeps Digit alive and grumpy. Then I have to go stand in a huge line for the birth control pills that are obviously not necessary for anything but pain management, and which my insurance will not dispense to me in any greater quantity than one month at a time. Because I might sell them on the black market? Pssst.... Gotcher top-grade progesterone right now, kid. Dime bag. Innerested?

Then, what else? I know I have to go somewhere else. Oh, yeah. The grocery store. I’ll hit Trader Joe’s, which lessens the overload on my system by being easier than somewhere like Safeway. At least I like most of their stuff and don’t have to navigate through Processed Cheese and Chip land quite so much. But Bay Area Trader Joe’s stores might kill you. Really. People are crazy inside, and it’s worse in the parking lots. At the Emeryville one, I used to park across the street in the hotel parking lot and then walk back to my car with my loaded bags, just so I could avoid the BMWs vying for first place in the I-Beat-You-To-The-Stoplight race.

Then, though, I have to go to the yarn store. No, really. I do. I have to go. I lost my Article Pract measuring tape somewhere on the trip, probably on the plane home, since I know I saw it there last. I rarely lose anything, but this is a GREAT thing to lose. I should lose it more often. Not only does it promote my fave store, but it means I have to go back and visit Christina. I swear I won’t look at yarn. Uh-huh.

Ugh. Besides that last, I don’t want to leave the house. Family’s coming in to town, though, for sister Christy’s graduation from Berkeley with her master’s (whoo hoooooo!), so I kinda have to possess the rough approximation of nourishment in my house. A remainder of gouda (ooh! Hungry!) and fourteen beers left over from camping ain’t gonna convince my mother I’m living healthy. I am, Mom, I swear. I ate two bananas yesterday.....

Off to it. Mwah.


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Oh you need to go to the TJoes in El Cerrito, it's probably as close (on San Pablo), way less crowded, much bigger and there's a SHOE PAVILLION right next door!

Congrats to Christy!

I remember the days when computers were extremely rare, the WWW unheard of and the future forcasters predicting what the future held..

They predicted (correctly) that we would be entertained, educated, do our banking, shopping, and recipe collecting via the computer that would be in 80% of our homes. I was floored and a disbeliever. Now, some 15 years later here we are :) Although I have not done grocery shopping via the web I have bought many (many) other things and now do my banking with it. I am entertained, educated and not only do we have a computer, we have two!

I guess my reason for this rambling is to be amazed at how accurate the experts were. Here I am being entertained and educated on your blog and realizing people DO do their grocery shopping via the web..

At 38 I am feeling a little ancient ;) (and wondering why none of our local groceries offer internet buying!!)

Ask Mariko if you can post her jogging tips! Us jogging wannabees wanna know her secrets :)

I hate grocery shopping. I hoppped right on that interenet grocery shopping bandwagon too. What a disater. They left our garage open while were were out of town. Animals got into the garage...ugh. Their drycleaning/shoe dept. also destroyed my Birkenstocks. I miss the everyday shopping of England. And can't stand the the visual assault of humongous chain stores.

What a whinge! What I really wanted to say is that I like your new title and I wish you well with it. And your writing. :) And the marathon...wow. Much luck with that. I am sure you can do it. And Hawaii is so beautiful. It is a terrific place for a first marathon.

That's the third time in 24 hours that Mariko has caused me to spit my beverage out. Lord, but she's funny.

I've never done the Internet grocery shopping thing but was always intrigued by it. I'm with you, though--hate doing errands, abhor most grocery stores, and wish I could do just about everything on the Internet. But really, what I'm marvelling at right now is "wee sma's." I love that.

My congratulations and free pass to get STINKIN' DRUNK to Christy. Woo HOO!!

Ooh, I just noticed your Lucy icon. Is it OK if I copy it?

Ooh, I just noticed your Lucy icon. Is it OK if I copy it?

Mariko does need to post her running tips! And how would one knit a jogbra? I think my running friends would get a kick out of that! :)

giggle. snort. gasp....wee sma's. sigh.
You've left me nearly speechless once again.

Grocery shopping can be a drag, so I decided to try to enjoy it somehow and make it an adventure. That way it's not as painful! Oh, and all Bay Area parking is hellish. I actually know someone who pulled a GUN on someone in a post office parking lot somewhere because of a parking spot dispute. HAPPY GRADUATION TO CHRISTY!!!!! Go Bears!

Oh, how I loved Webvan. Maybe it was a bit pricey,but so worth it. I hate grocery shopping so much....my boyfriend does it all. Thank God he cooks. (And, on a side note, how GREAT would Webvan be for my dad who had a stroke 4 yrs ago and can't drive? It would be a godsend...Webvan people, are you listening?)

Congrats to Christy! And gouda and beer....yum.

Why is everybody but me chuckling over "wee sma's?" I DON'T GET IT!

Hey, where'd my little go? I really don't get the "wee sma's" thing, but I didn't mean to sound seriously irritated!


Ok, so now I know Typepad eats words enclosed in the little pointy parentheses (the ones that are uppercase common and period).

Maybe the internet gods don't like it when I'm pouty! That's it.

So, I'm not pouty any more.

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