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FlareMay 26, 2004

The Guy Sweater has gone from boring me to mocking me. I finished the bottom of it yesterday, theoretically leaving me only the collar and weaving in of ends to finish. I had thirty seconds after the final bind-off before I had to go to work, so I threw it over my work shirt.

Damn. It’s hyoooge. Way too long. Must remeasure. And my bind-off went floopy for some reason, giving it a little kicky flare at the bottom. Unfortunately, my friend is not the type to appreciate flare. Not around his hips, anyway. So I have to rip and I hate that, ‘cause I’m just so ready to be done with this one. For MaryB, who insisted, a photo:


Fascinating, isn’t it?

This is only slightly better, since I didn’t have good light this morning, and didn’t feel like standing up to turn one on, but this is the ChicKami I’m about to finish. I swear I know this pattern by heart now, and it’s just so much fun to throw in lil details, like this lace insert.


I must run. Actually, I mean it. Just woke up from a poor sleep, filled with bad dreams and kitty whines, and I’m going to fit in a run (and honestly, a little swatching of cashmere for the next project) before I shower and go right back to work. I’m working from 5pm to 7am tonight. The mind reels. Go kiss Greta.


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Damn, the ChicKami pic isn't showing up for me. I've had the same flare problem with a ribbed tee, so if you come up with any nifty solutions let me know (though mine's not so bad I couldn't wear it).

The ChicKami pic took a while to download, but it's there. And it's sooooo purty!

Bad sleeping night all around then? Yuck.

The Dude sweater is really nice! Perfect for summer in the bay area. Try casting off in needles a couple of sizes smaller than what the body was knit on. Should stop the flare.

Run run fun fun...

I'm so glad you took to the street. I was always vaguely out of shape and bookish. I worked in a library and my superviser decided we were going to jog before work every morning. She didn't have a phone, so I couldn't call to beg off. Now, twenty years later, I still go six days a week. My marathons are all behind me, but I get so much serenity from it. Stick with it. You are a great writer, and you will find that your best ideas will just come to you while you run. Neitche (?) was right: no good idea was ever born indoors.

The latest Chickami is looking awesome, expecially with the cleavage-peek-a-boo lace!

lovin that kami! i've gotta try that lace detail on something. it looks great.

Great looking chickami. Love the lace insert. I agree with Sylvia and downsizing the needles for cast off.

Oh, Rachael, it's everything I had hoped it would be...and (apparently!) more.


Don't forget, though, how HYOOOGE guys actually are; you might be surprised at how it looks on him, as opposed to on you. I'm always just amazed at how even my younger son, who is a bean-pole, is still so much larger than I.

The ChicKami's cool, and unlike the Other Sweater didn't make me the least bit sleepy!

Now...run, Bambi -- uh, Rachael, run!

You are so clever! Maybe I can get creative with my 50th chickami :)

it's prolly big on you cuz you been runnin'
Thanks for the much needed kisses. Coming up for air, now.
Love that kami....
swatching with cashmere? oooooooo, yummy.
Hint of the day...Hershey's kisses afore bedtime make for twitchy sleep.

I know the ribbing is BORING but I love how it looks! I actually want to make myself a ribby sweater one of these days. I love your ChicKami! My next tank will be a ChicKami. I really love the shape of this tank. I can't wait to have one of my very own!!! Good job on the running. You've motivated me to start running again after I get over my cold!

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