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FO!May 28, 2004

The Dude Sweater, eet eez complete! There were no seams, so no kir royales (sorry, Becky, next time!) but there were pains in the ass enough to equal seaming and then some. That kicky flare, for one. Oh, I ripped that out good and put in a simple 2X2 rib and a tight bind-off. And a neckline that just wouldn't cooperate, for another. I made a nice simple collar (ended up with my original idea of simple ribbing) and then I bound it off too tightly. So I had to rip that, too. Erg. I hate ripping. Such a waste of time that I could be spending on something really fun, like cleaning the cat box.

I gifted the sweater this morning (he works with me), and he gave me the highest praise a girl could hear: "It's the best sweater I've ever owned!" It made me look a grey bowling ball, and it came to my knees, but it fits him great. I was so pleased! He promised I could take a picture of him in it tomorrow, so I'll show you then. For now, here's a shot of the top of it, me in it. I cut off my head because I've been up for so long that eyes are beet-red and my face is flushed. That happens at o-dark-thirty in the morning.....



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Rachael, what little you've show of us looks GREAT! I can't wait to see the entire sweater with its new owner.

Nice sweater!!! I love the seams on the shoulders. I have issues with those things. Aargh!!
Can't wait to see it on him!

but you still manage to have a dazzling smile. i hate you!

heh heh

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