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Home AgainMay 16, 2004

Camping rocked. Y’all were right, I got there and had a magnificent time. Rippin’ and roarin’, both were going on. For the first time ever on a camping trip, I wasn’t mocked for knitting; I was actually joined by one gal. And two or three others did knit and regretting not bringing it along. I didn’t get much done. There was a lot of beer. And I mean a LOT of beer. I’m detoxifying now. Lordy. Somehow I missed getting an official hangover, but I have that old college ache in my knees. You know that muscle pain you get? After that much alcohol? No? You forgot? Yeah, I had too. I am 31, not 21. One doesn’t process the booze the same way, thank god. No one could keep up that pace. Or at least, no one should. Happy to be home, happy to be alone in my little house. No camping photos. They could be considered quite incriminating.

And thanks for the tank compliments! To several requests for the pattern, I tell you, I ain’t got one, since I ripped off both top and bottom from different patterns. But here’s the idea:

Find a lace pattern you like. Swatch, find your gauge. Figure out how big around you want it to be (I used my bust measurment) and futz (the official term) with the numbers until the lace matches up (or don’t, like I did, and just throw in some yarn overs under the arm every once in a while. Makeshift lace). Knit straight up, no shaping, it is lace after all, for about 12 inches. Then use the shapely tank top pattern (thanks, Joan!), knitting stockinette stitch for a couple of inches and then jumping in at the armhole part. Put in 2 yarn over/decrease combos of your choosing in the middle of the tank after the lace section, every four rows or so. Enough to run a tie through, that’s all y’need. That’s it. I didn’t even finish the underarms, cause they don’t matter. You know? Try it! Let me know how it goes.


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Glad your camping trip turned out well. What's next on needles?

I'm so glad you had a fun camping trip. Knew you would. :)

Welcome home, chica. Glad you had a good time

Makeshift lace...perfect! Here I was freaking out over not having the yarn overs in exactly the right places after I increased..so I said to myself, self, I said, just wing it. A wing and a prayer, ya know?
Glad you are BACK!

OK, why is it that my legs ache after a night of much alcohol? I never understood that.

I just love that tank. I love the way the lace pulls in slightly, and the tie is just perfect. I agree--what's the point of finishing underarms? Unless you're going to be walking around flapping your arms like you're Sure, I see no reason.

damn, girl, that tank is just too cute. {sigh}... so many adorable things to knit, so little time! :)

my knees don't ache, but my eyeball sockets do. and age has nothing to do with it. we are just out of practice. our drinking muscles aren't properly trained.

Wow you are awesome. Thanks for the tank pattern idea! It's all very simple, but ingenius at the same time. Glad you had fun camping. Sometimes you have more fun than you expect to, when you least expect it, huh? Now go detox! ;)

Ahh camping.. In my single days we did it with some regularity.. We always seemed to pack more booze than food.. and somehow it worked out you know?? Glad you had a good time :)

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