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I. Am. So. Bored.May 24, 2004

with the sweater I’m making for my guy friend (bartered for couch and wall painting help) that I’m eternally grateful for TV. Dude, 3X1 ribbing. The whole thing. Feel my pain, wouldja? But it is, like, the coziest big ole sweater I’ve ever made, and if he hates it, I’ll keep it. I kind of hope he hates it.

Okay, can we talk Colonial House? I had to take a break to write this. This is for several reasons. One, if I write now, I can sleep in tomorrow without feeling guilty for having not really blogged much for DAYS (sorry 'bout that). Two, I can’t stand to watch what’s going to happen on this sixth episode. Had to pause it. I was at once sad and happy to see the governor go back to Waco and the present day. He and his whole family seem like beautiful, wonderful people that I would be glad to call friends. Only thing is, the governor wouldn’t call me a friend. He’d call me a homosexual sinner, and I'm bummed that he never got called on his homophobia – that he never had to confront Jonathon and that they never got a real chance to talk. I also can't stand what'shisname the New Governor, and I like his wife even less. Erp. The revolution is coming. I can feel it.

Also -- I really liked when Don Wood said that if they didn’t straighten up, they’d be known as the F-ckin’ Lame Colony. Heh. The humor of this particular show comes directly from their lameness.

Enough TV talk. I never used to talk TV. I didn’t even have cable for most of my life. Cable is relatively recent in my life. TiVo is still brand new. And hear me now, I won’t go back. You can't make me. No pillar of salt, me. Won't even look back to say goodbye to my cable-less self....

I went running today! It was the first time this week, and I ran three times last week. I hate to admit it, most of all to my non-athletic-and-proud-of-it self, but I’m still liking it. A lot. I actually like the running part more than the walking-because-I’m-gonna-die part. The running hurts less somehow. I also HAVE to call it running, even though what I’m doing is more like a jog. A really slow jog. Even a semi-quick walk. I have short legs. What am I going to do? I canNOT say that I’m jogging. That’s just dumb.

Oh, and I’ll leave you with the best picture EVER. The little mama (wearing the Mindless Raglan) and blissed out sleeping Adah:



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Aw. Awwwww. And how does Adah *really* feel about your little mama?

I haven't watched much tv in the last 15 years, but I envy you PBS watchers. Not enough to actually order a dish, though ;)

Really. Great. Photo. :)

that is indeed the best picture ever!

First, a belated congratulations to Christy. And second to you for running. I hate it with a passion, that running, unless being chased by a wild dog. Anyway...great picture of little mama and Adah. I hope little mama is still feeling tip top. :)

when i used to attempt to run, i liked it too in a "it feels so good when i stop" sort of way.

i can't believe colonial house is in it's 6th episode. i just heard about it for the first time last weekend. is it on every day?

Aw! That's such a great photo.

I thought of you as I ran this morning. It was a beautiful morning in the park, the birds and squirrels were out, the trees were in bloom, and all I could think about was running long enough to justify another stretch of walking. Yep. One of those mornings. Some days it feels good, some days it's sheer torture. Sigh. Thing is, I feel great when I'm done whether it was a good run or a crappy one...

Oh, running. How I hate thee. You are a brave woman for sticking to it!

I keep hearing about Colonial House but I haven't watched it yet..I only watch the completely sleazy reality shows with no redeeming qualities. :) But I might have to check this one out!

I can't figure out what would be more comfortable: wearing the sweater or having Adah draped on me like that.

Dude. Colonial House. Had to walk out of the room. So: someone explain to me why the Heinzes are so universally unliked? I kinda dig them, except for the whole living arrangement power trip they went on. People, do what the Voorhees do and take the boat out when you want to have sex.

Don Wood lives in Brooklyn. And he's handy. Hel-looooooo, Don.

Love love love Colonial House.

The Heinz family is just awful. The wife is a busy-body. And I just can't stand to hear that man speak. They were so happy when he was named Governor. And I was so psyched when the Cape Merchant showed up. Tee hee.

I so love the Voorhees family. Yay for them for having conviction!

W. :)

I liked the Gov and his family too. But, oy, the tsouris they have. And I'm right there with you on the Heinz'. She's a total classist--ooh, I feel so much more myself now that I'm married to the governor--icky poo. Can't wait until the consultant arrives and puts them in their place!

Colonial House doesn't really show Mr. Heinz doing anything! He just stands around! Or talks.

I didn't really enjoy Jeff Wyers, but at least we saw him do manual labor. Alas, I would be a sinner too in Wyers' eyes - can you believe that speech he gave about not needing to be patted on the back for your sins?!!! And then last night, he wished Danny Tinsdale well for deciding to leave the colony because of his principles and ethics. Wasn't Jonathon standing up for his principles and ethics? Oh, I forgot. It's okay to screw gay people these days as our country has apologized for its massive use of slaves.(excuse the language, but I'm so mad about this) I'll probably start rambling if I say any more...

how lucky are you to you have an affectionate cat... i would do anything to have my floppy monty drape on me like that! lucky you!

Good for you for running--can one run vicariously? I just haven't felt up to it lately since I've been working really hard. we'll have to run together sometime.

So much to say about Colonial House that I won't even bother. But I did love the one guy's impression of Heinz when he was skipping out on the meeting to have a beer.

First time commenter but I love reading your blog. Running is tough...I hate it but I used to do it because it was such efficient exercise. I need to get back to it very soon. Keep at it and it will get easier and maybe you'll even enjoy it! It took me about 6 months to get to the point where I enjoyed running (yes, it was really jogging for me too!). I love Colonial House! The Heinz's are so annoying! The wife truly has delusions of grandeur! Their poor servant Jonathan! The colonists need to just face up to the fact that their colony is a failure and Jack is here to rescue them. I also don't understand Michelle. If it was anything aside from religion, she would be there to support her husband! John V. just seems like a happy go lucky guy who would do whatever. OK, enough about Colonial House!

Glad you are enjoying running! I, too, have very short legs. Dwarf legs, even. Running can be addictive, but I have to say that for me, it doesn't get easier. It is hard to get out the door!
Love the photo of your mamacita!
And TV? I have chosen to embrace the idiot box side of myself, and I make no apologies (though I can't ever watch Colonial House because we get the weird satellite feed of PBS, and every time I check, it's Charlie Rose or Tavis Smiley! I swear it's a conspiracy).

That may, indeed, be the best picture ever. I get happy, and sleepy, just looking at it.

I don't think we've gotten to see the Boring Sweater, have we? C'mon, how can we knit vicariously through you if we don't get to see what "we" are working on?

Soon we'll want to run vicariously through you, too, which will of course require the use of streaming video. (Ooooh, we can call it Rachael-cam!)

*giggle* (note I've given up using pointy parentheses!)

LOVE the pic of your gals! And I am so proud of you for the running. Actually, I DO look forward to fitting exercise back in my life when C starts camp next month.

I just love how you love your mama... and that picture today was just the push I needed to finally do this!
Colonial House hadn't made it to my viewing list yet, but now I'll just *have* to watch and see what the commmotion is all about.
The think I don't get is... why do they carry on when they KNEW what they were getting into??
Tivo? Please don't tempt me!!

I wasn't aware you had to be tall to run! (grin)

Love the picture of Adah and Momma, there is something very peaceful about cats.

Mama+Adah does equal the best picture evah!

I walked along the boardwalk today. And thought of you, running. Good fer you, because I do not run. Won't do it. Walked for 2 hours, but won't run. If something were chasing me, I'd *think* about running. I just don't run.

That picture is sooooooooooo cute.

Cheers, to all the short-legged people of the world! I'm only 5'0", and my legs are a pathetic 2-1/2 feet long. Eeensy-weensy-teensy legs, ne'er meant to break out into a run, unless I'm being chased by a wily tornado. Kudos to you, though, for taking up the running; I'll live any running that my body's ever wanted to do vicariously through you.

That photo of your mother and Adah is absolutely beautiful. It gave me a warm happy smile from head to toe, which is a welcome feeling since it's been raining and cold and miserable here all week.

SLOGGING... What you do is what my encouraging friend refers to as SLOGGING :) Slow Jogging. I am a slogger (when I actually GET my butt out there and DO it!) You go girl!

Beautiful pic of your mom and friend. Make a great framed pic for your home...

I love Colonial House too.

I loved how Carolyn Heinz offered the Native Americans some good old left-overs...like THAT would have happened in 1628!

Congrats on the running - I've tried it in the past but it never really 'stuck' with me.

That picture made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Even more so because I woke up this morning with all three of the cats piled on top of me because it got cold again last night.

I've told my husband that under no circumstances am I ever knitting a sweater for him; it's his own damn fault for being an XL. And wearing things big, so we're talking XXL. Though that would be an interesting way to use up my entire stash for one project...anyway, good luck with the rib!

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