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Kitties!May 12, 2004

Bethany just said, “Periodontal disease is one of the biggest killers of domestic animals.” Oh, yipes. I was just telling her that Digit’s breath smells like sheep. It’s been stinky for a long time, but it wasn’t until we were lying in bed this morning that I realized he was reminding me of a sheep farm, dirty mud and all. I gotta tell you, it smells better on the sheep.

Ew. Bethany says if the teeth get infected, the infection can travel through the body, causing all sorts of other horrible things to happen to the cat. I was hoping for a spinning wheel soon. Now I’ll need to buy a kitty teeth cleaning instead.... Ah, well. The things we do for love. And hygiene.

The little mama watched the kitties for the last three weeks while I was gone, and Dad had business up here this week, so he brought them to me yesterday. It was awful – I had to say hello to my babies and then go to work (oooooh, I was grumpy). But I was sure cat-full during my sleep today. Bethany said they tripped back and forth between me. When Digit would move from my head, Adah would move in.

They were the mighty hunters at Mom’s house – pulling in a lizard or bird a day apiece. I still have no idea why they don’t seem to need to go outside when they’re here in Oakland, but they seem fine again as indoor cats. Thank god. They’re safe at Mom’s house. Here, even with my fabulous backyard and neighboring yards, there’s still traffic and mean dogs and mean people and I want them inside with me, if at all possible.

I think you need a couple of pictures, don’t you?

Such a mug on this one.


Look at all these toes! Keeps him busy.


Oh, he's curled up next to me right now, on the little computer table, next to my coffee cup. For a grumpy little man, he's sure smiling right now.

Excuse my excessive cat sentimentality. Mwah.


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So glad you have the felines back with you. NOW you're really back. Home, work, cats, the whole deal.

Being on vacation and all you probably missed the cat guy on the discovery channel last week (or PBS, don't remember). Your pics reminded me of him: he'd surgically altered his upper lip, cheeks, nose, and eyes to look like a cat, had piercings in his upper lip area to look like whiskers, and had gotten cat-like markings tattooed all over his body and face. Creepy.

You sister is too right! I adopted Peridot 2 years ago, he'd been a stray, as far as we can determine, his whole kittenhood so his medical history is unknown. He has been having problems with his gums & teeth since he has come to live with us. Last week he had to have 14 teeth removed! (he is 5 years old) He seems to be recovering... however it will be several more weeks before the vet will give hime the all clear.

maybe it is not periodontal -- perhaps it is their menu -- lizards tend to repeat!

Funny...she never said anything about Diego's dragon breath...

Just spent a bundle at the vet's myself but all fine and worth it. My guy (spoiled shih tzu) is on the mend and that is what matters :)

Your priorities are perfect: healthy cats, yarn, everything else. Kisses to the kitties!

This reminded me of the time Scout's vet in Ohio told me I should start brushing his teeth myself to remove the plaque. That was funny. So far, his breath smells like cat food, so I think we're OK.

I just fell over laughing...clearly you are BACK! Lizard breath, tee-hee. Looking at the Adorable pictures of the Fabulous cats, daughter wants to know if they caught any Snails, you know, after being traumatized by hers that MEOWS! We MISS You!

Your cats are adorable schmoos.

I'm a believer in cat-teeth cleaning, even if they do have to come home all groggy and drunk. And I'm glad for Beth the spy -- love those images of them patrolling the sleeping Rachael! (Loaner kitty comes this weekend . . .)

Teething cleaning. sigh. I really hate having to dope up the kitties for that. Since Igor has been banned from wet cat food and tasty people food, his teeth and gums are ALOT better, and we haven't had to have them professionally steam cleaned.

Will you forgive me if I say Bethany is right? (I know one never wants to be upstaged by one's sister having a sister myself.) Even if the conditions of their teeth aren't going to lead to immediate death throes, think about it: their teeth serve as their hands, knives, forks, spoons, brushes and combs, defensive weapons, and things to scratch itchy spots with. They are Very Important! If it makes you feel any better, we have to put our Frankie under once a year to get her teeth done. Tried to take the "brushing her teeth ourselves" route but she loved the toothpaste so much she kept biting our fingers in her excited attempts to slurp it all up!

Your cats are super-adorable! They make me miss my kitties soooo much... but I am going to see them tomorrow! Hurrah! I've been feeling really sad for them because we've been having thunderstorms, & they get frightened & hide in the bathroom. :) Awww.... Despite their being indoor cats, when a bird flew in through the attic one day it was lunch in about 5 seconds flat. Instinct is amazing...

We used to brush our border collies teeth. He loved it. They have meaty toothpaste. :) Have you tried brushing theirs--before going to the vet? Very cute kitty pics.

Love those sweet lil'furry faces!! Cat sentimentality isn't excessive. Not possible.
The lacy cardi is *gorgeous*!

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