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Memorial DayMay 31, 2004

Ah. The Girls just left. I realize that in this world there must be a billion women (and some men) who fit into a group that is called by someone, somewhere, The Girls, but these Girls are Rachel and Kira. (It would seem like my darlin' and beloved sisters would be The Girls, but they're not. Well, they're MY GIRLS, something entirely different.) You’ve seen R and K here before on this blog. They’re the ones who got hitched recently, and I was lucky enough to be part of their big day.

They’re also the ones who Took Care of Rachael on Memorial Day Because She Didn’t Want to Leave the House Ever Again. Of course, that meant that I had to go out driving for sorbet and videos, but they brought the food. We barbequed. Yes, we did. In my backyard. World, meet my first barbeque!

Looking at Kira:


Looking right:


Looking left:


See? Yard is coming along. The tomatoes are going crazy, and I'm starting to get things where I want them.....

Now, one must remember that The Girls are vegan. Normally that would send me running for the hills (where the juicy cows live), but they are also magic vegans. Everything they cook tastes good. Seriously. When I’m around them, I (happily) eat zucchini and squash. Really. I do. I swear. So they barbequed and I watched and was appropriately impressed and then we went inside and watched movies and drank beer pretty much ALL DAY. They came over about 1pm and I think they meant to leave at dinner time. They just left. It’s after ten.

But my clothes smell like smoke, and it came from my backyard! That’s the coolest thing ever! And they even left the barbeque in my custody, since they don’t have a yard anymore. They left the charcoal and the lighter fluid, too, so if I want my clothes to smell smoky again, I can go light some briquettes and stand over it, anytime I want! I suppose I could cook something, too, but that would require thought and preparation, something I am rather short on this week.

Oh, la. Off to bed. That’s a lie. I’m off to watch TV and then take a bath, since I have to stay up late tonight. I have to do that in order to sleep late tomorrow, which I must do, since I’ll be up all night tomorrow night at work. I love HAVING to stay up late. It’s a good thing to have to do. You know? Hope you get to stay up late, too. (And thanks for the amazing, awesome comments last post. You all rock.)


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I'm up late, not particularly by choice. I have to get the little ones (my Girls) off to school in the morning, but my body's not cooperating. Part of it's that I hate sleeping alone. Part of it's that despite 2 chapters of Harry Potter my brain's still not quiet. Part of it is that I just hate *having* to go to sleep. I know that if I go lie down and turn out the light I'll be dreaming relatively soon. I just don't wanna!

By the way, K&R are adorable and I hope I get to come get smokey in your yard sometime. Juicy cow! Yum!

Oh, look at your backyard! It's soooo lovely, and what a gorgeous day for a barbecue.

So let me see if I have this right: your guests came over and brought the barbecue and the food; they cooked a delicious meal for you, and left the barbecue and supplies in your care; and they happily watched movies and drank beer with you. Is that right?

Dear Kira and Rachel: You are invited to come to my house any time. Ever. Seriously.

Your garden looks so beautiful Rachael. And your friends sound perfect. :)

Vegan bar-b-q? Please tell more about the menu; the pups and I are turning vegan step by step. The Backyard looks wonderful; I'm so glad you have such a happy outdoors right in your own backyard!

What a lovely day. I hope you have a great summer of fab backyard bbqing ahead!

Prep schmep! Keep a box of burgers in the freezer (beef, turkey, veggie, whatever- they're all good over an open flame) and a bag of big marshmallows in the cupboard and *SHAZAM* instant BBQ. If you happen by a roadside stand or farmer's market on the way home you could add a few ears of corn (soak 'em in water for a while then throw 'em -husks and all- on the grill. Great yard and I love your swing.

Cari's blog put me in the mood for grilled asparagus, so I think you should always have a steady supply of that, too.

Sounds like a wonderful time!

I wanna come play in your yard, but I'm too far away. ::pout::

I like that you changed your blog name, because now it's at the end of my Blogrool. I read my blogs in alphabetical order, so I feel like I'm saving the best til last! :-)

Ohhhh, what a lovely day! It's so nice to just hang out at home sometimes, isn't it?
And hey, I know how much you hate grocery shopping, so I have one word for you: SCHWAN'S.

You're so funny - juicy cows. Glad you gals had a great time & thanks for sharing (made me smile). Here's an idea: bag of marshmallows, Hershey bars & graham crackers + grill. Yummy. It's vegan, too. :o)

Hey, my vegan buddy was over yesterday too, and I have to tell ya, he made the most delish eggplant caponata sandwiches. They were the hit of the meal, I tell ya. And he made vegan lemon ginger cookies and pinenut cookies which both got the kid seal of approval, so you know they were good. :)

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I love veggies but I can't go vegan. That's so much harder than just plain vegetarian! Besides, I LOVE cheese and bacon too much!

it's a good thing beer is included in the vegan diet

Vegan means no ice cream, right? sigh. I know I'd feel virtuous, but some days a girl just HAS to have Ice Cream. An ice cream delivery service for shut-ins, that's what we need! Can't you just hear me, whispering furtively...a pint of New York double fudge please, sigh. make that a double.
The backyard is looking very Midnight at the oasis-y. (oasis-like?)
Well, you know what I mean, jellybean.
Sandy sends smoochies. She saw her first ever FIREFLIES last night.

Friends, BBQ, beer - this 'alone time' is sounding pleasant indeed. You're making me all misty for my old grilling pit on Canal Street. The setting was nowhere NEAR as nice as yours (rooftop overlooking traffic patterns to Brooklyn and NJ via the Holland Tunnel) but we would have roast beast all summer long. Glory days, indeed. Enjoy! Oh, and I can't recommend skewered shrimp highly enough.

Greta, I wish ice cream were mail-able. While my other half was in town for the weekend he wanted to make homemade strawberry (or "strawbaby" as he calls it when he's feeling cute) ice cream, and I am left with WAY TOO MUCH for just me now that he's left.

Oh, right, this is Rachael's blog! Rach, dear, it looks like you had a marvelous Memorial Day. I'm infinitely envious of the backyard and especially the swing, and I'm glad your Girls made good use of it. I have to make do with a fire escape and a hibachi, but I'll think of your yard when I need inspiration.

Oh, Rachael, your backyard is so adorable and so very you. And your friends sound (and look!) marvelous.

Vegan...hmm. I'm with you on the juicy cows. But I'll eat anything that's delicious, so your BBQ menu may have convinced me....

I'm so glad you had a great holiday!

Oh, what way cool loveliness is this. I would spend ALL of my time on that swing, let me tell you, with a nice tall iced tea and a chunky book or some knitting, watching the butterflies and the cats meander by... sigh...

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