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NextMay 13, 2004

I’ll just answer some comments today, since I’m still feeling lazy....

Cat teeth: If I tried to clean Digit’s teeth myself, I’d never knit again. Take it from me. It would be an amusing thing to watch, however, if one could get past the blood. Who was it, though.... Oh, yes, Rock Chick gave me the kick in the ass I needed when she said her cat had come home with fewer teeth but feeling happier. Cats hide pain well, and I can’t bear the thought that Digit might be hiding any pain from me whatsoever. So it’s off to make the dreaded appointment. Funny, I hate dealing with my teeth so much that I think I’ve carried that over to my companions.

Yarn choice: All that yarn I brought home with me? (please, Mom? Can we keep it? It’s so cute and I’ll take care of it all by myself....) I loved the questions about how I came to buy it. I think what it all came down to was I had to buy the yarn I couldn’t leave there. Much like an abandoned kitten on the street, I got Very Concerned that particular skeins wouldn’t go to a good home. What if, say, that Harrisville Highland Style went to a house where the yarn was going to be used for making crocheted trellises for supporting geraniums that were destined to be used in a Pro-W float in the hometown parade? See? Could I really let that happen? When I picked up fiber and it whispered to me its fears of becoming dog drool toys or macrame fruit baskets, I couldn’t just turn my back. I am a rescuer, people. I care.

What to make next: Whoops. I’m actually working on what to make next next. I’m just finishing up a lacy tank (on a blog-cruise this morning I saw at least six others in the works or done) made out of soy silk. I started it on the trip, and worked on it a lot in Nantucket, so it has really really good vibes. Pics tomorrow, I hope. I’m going camping this weekend, so I’ll probably just take some more cotton and start another tank of some sort. ‘Tis the season. Yep.


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Good for you for taking care of the kitties teeth. Love the yarn rescue/recovery story. What a caring knitter you are. ;)

I am happy to know that I've discovered the location of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Yarn (SPCY).

Going camping, are we? Might we be toting bottled water to prevent a repeat of mama's mystery illness? Don't know why that came to mind, but thought I'd better mention it.....
Since I KNOW you will be making a checklist...sunglasses, digital camera, that sort of thing...
Have FUN!

You're going camping! Have fun, be careful, watch out for bears, don't drop your knitting needles in the dirt, etc.

Sigh, you are SUCH a generous person adopting all that needy wool. Well done :) Have a blast camping!

Camping, eh? What fun. Will there be canoeing and fishing and smores?

Claudia just came up with another great t-shirt idea. Support Your Local SPCY. "Spicy!" Holy wow.

Cats hide pain? Now I'm totally paranoid.

I, too, take pity on sorry skeins. (At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Re: cats hiding pain. It's their natural instinct as showing pain would signal weakness and mark them as prey. My cats' dispositions have improved tremendously since their dentals!

Now, Republicans love good yarn, too. I much prefer the thought of said good yarn winding through your fingers and needles to create something elegant to grace your sweet self than made up into a Kerry banner! :o) Hooray for the rescue of quality yarn from all such dirty uses as politics.

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