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Oh, oh.May 7, 2004

Only a minute or two (really) in this Nantucket library -- but let me say quickly that Delaware is beautiful. I take it back. We loved it. And then we drove through SIX states in one day, all New England, all beautiful. Had dinner in Providence, saw Yale and Princeton, saw rivers and trees and the town of Mystic. Ended up Wednesday night in Hyannis, Cape Cod, where we left the truck the next morning. We took the ferry to Nantucket, which is impossible to describe. Really. MJ and Steve put us up, met through this blog, and last night we sat knitting in a farm house in Nantucket with a 13th-generation Nantucketer. I found the yarn store. MJ met us, hugged us, had to get back to work, so she gave us her car, which is at this moment parked on Main Street.

I love it here. It's sunny, and the boats and water are magical.

Boston tonight, and home tomorrow. Oh, it's sad to leave all this. But I'll be happy to show Bethany my new home!



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Rachel....you're doing my dream trip..motoring through the New England states...I keep mentioning this to my dh and he says he'd rather go somewhere with sun and beaches (??? New England has lots of beaches!).
Safe travels....
Debbie in cool but sunny Ontario, Canada

Rachael - I love your blog....I am so glad you took us with you on your trip..but I am glad you are returning soon...we need another Knit-together at Temescal Cafe

Say hello to Boston for me! I went to college there but haven't been back since the day of my graduation, when I hopped in the car to drive out to California. How I miss New England! I'm glad you two are driving through it instead of flying to Boston so you get to see so much.

Isn't it crazy the difference between east and west coast? I live in the SF Bay area, and my inlaws and my brother live in MA. It amazes me when we can drive through multiple states in a few hours! I always am amused when family from the East coast comes to visit. "I think we'll drive to Disneyland for the day". LOL

OK, I feel better now, knowing where you are. YAY. Enjoy every fabulous moment and fill the well with memories so you can dip your pen in later.
Blessings to you BOTH!

it's funny what a difference a month makes. a month ago, i was thinking about moving ... now i consider myself very fortunate to live in new england. see you soon!

There you are! Wow, you gals have logged some miles, and fast. Still feeling lucky that you stopped here for a spell. Twice I've almost been back to Crossroads, but I'm not sure I want to mess with the memory of our sitting and knitting. Have a safe trip home and enjoy the wedding -- in your lovely new sweater!

"I found the yarn store." You are just fantastic. Although I can't wait for you to get home so you can start blogging on a regular basis. Selfish, me? Nah. Maybe.

No, Em, you're not selfish. You have MY interests at heart, too. ;)

Rachael, have I mentioned that you rock? Because you and your sister freakin' ROCK. A road trip through New England -- do you feel like you're in a movie or a novel? Lucky girl. Rock rock rock.

So cool, you two... paradise right over your dashboard, how brilliant is that? Anyway, have a great trip home and if miss Bethany would like her shirt, drop a line with the address and I'll send it post haste...

So cool, you two... paradise right over your dashboard, how brilliant is that? Anyway, have a great trip home and if miss Bethany would like her shirt, drop a line with the address and I'll send it post haste...

hhh, can't wait to hear more about your trip and of Bethany's visit home :)

Wow. I'd love to motor through New England. At least I get to live it through you.

Knitting in a farmhouse in Nantucket. Sigh.

what a wonderful trip... thanks for sharing it virtually with all of us! :) i finished my last paper yesterday (hurrah!!), so my dream right now is knitting & a road trip... although down here, we can get through alabama, mississippi, & arkansas in one day... :) not quite the same, but interesting nevertheless. jackson, mississippi might be the next mini-break. take care, drive safe!

Glad you liked the Cape, even if you did go to "the other island" (my family is originally from the Vineyard -- the Vincents were the first family there). Looking forward to you coming back to New England, and to New Hampshire, and seeing you (we hope!) later in May.

Thanks for taking us with you on your trip!

As beautiful as New England is, I was darn happy to move back to NY. Glad you got to see a good bit of the NE coast. Nantcucket (and the Vineyard) are goregous. Enjoy your the wedding. Enjoy Bethany home. Give the kitties lots of love. :)

Rachael, you rock. So does Bethany. Dare I say it? We are two FABULOUS sista acts!

There once went a blogger to Nantucket... :) Glad to hear you ahd a great time! See you home soon and safely, we hope! g

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