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The Fastest Blog EverMay 3, 2004

We're at the fabulous Maggi's house, and I just read Wee C my favorite book ever, Bread and Jam for Frances. This is my first time in the South, and I'm in love. (You might notice a trend. It's like with people. I fall fast and hard. And often.) Richmond is the ideal city. (Don't burst my bubble. I like my romances to be sweet for a while....) And who wouldn't love it? Red brick everywhere, the azaleas blooming, a hot tub and wine and knitting? Sigh. If only Greta had made it to our slumber party, as had been originally planned. But life gets in the way sometimes, and there will be other trips.

Bethany and I had a great drive down from DC. She had a little black cloud hanging over her head while we fought the 95 traffic, and as soon as we hit the blue highway again, she became yellow and sunny. One should never tell a sister really good news at a confusing intersection, though. We saw way more of Fredericksburg than we ever planned because I told her that our friends Kira and Rachel (getting married on Sunday) are flying her out with ME on Saturday! She's going home for six days! Wheeeee! I suppose a wrong turn was inevitable. I had totally been convinced she already knew, that someone had spilled the beans (everyone knew but her), but she was overwhelmed with surprise. It was fabulous.

Maryland? Sheep and Wool? I'll show you my haul when I get home, and pictures, too, but suffice it to say that I don't have enough arms to carry it all. That's the real reason I'm bringing Bethany home with me. And I met (let me see if I can remember): Bonne Marie, Carolyn, Theresa, Froggy, Anna, Christy, Jodi, Stella, Christina, Silvia, Claudia..... It's late and I think I'm leaving about four others out. Remind me in comments. I'll add links later. Want to get downstairs and knit more with darlin' Maggi. We called Threadbear Rob earlier and he just told me to go home. "No one is allowed to have that much fun." I know it.

We're hitting the highway tomorrow, heading up and out to Boston. We have a Nantucket stop on the way, which we're really looking forward to, and a lot of good snacks in between here and points north. Absolutely no time (or really, inclination) to check email (or even to proof this post), but know that I love y'all (see? Southern!) and kisses are sent your way. Mwah!


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Richmond! Yay! If you get time, cruise Hollywood cemetary. Yea, I know, it sounds creepy, but it's the nicest park in town.

Kisses right back! xo

Ahem... Make that WONDERFUL surprise ;) I am sure the rest of your family is happy as well with a trip home for Bethany! Yeah!

Is Bethany completely in shock?!?!? What a WONDEFUL surprise!!!!

Ooh! Hug that Bethany for me. That's fantastic.

And I love that you're pretty much surfing the knitblog ring IN PERSON.

Love ya, chickadee. Safe travels.


there was a old lady from Nantucket. whose body was shaped like a bucket. she... la la la, ...and la la la LA, and then the old lady said....I forget how it goes. I hope you get to eat gooseberries and maybe even dig up a quahog. have a fabulous time and lots of love -me

That Rob, he's a smart guy ;) Nah; you keep havin' a blast. And give my sis a wave when you're in Boston.

One more thing: were the wine and hot tub and knitting simultaneous? I can imagine two of three...

Wow...and a trip home too. Yea for you and Bethany. I bet Little Mama is thrilled. Enjoy the NE. Nantucket is beautiful. (But I still like NYC better)

I had to laugh at Cari's comment--yeah, about 40 knit bloggers down by this point, so only...285 to go? (I totally made that number up. I have no idea how many are on the ring.) I'm so glad you're having this much fun.

P.S. Move to Brooklyn.

Rachael -

Have read your blog for ages - love it! So thought it was time to comment :) So envious of your travels - have always wondered what it would be like to meet up with all these fab people. I feel like I know all you guys - but I guess I should start my own blog so that when I invite you all to Toronto, I won't seem like some weird stalker chick!!

so nice to see an east coaster with an open mind to the south... :) it's not all bad! i took a day off for the new orleans jazz festival sunday, and it was *gorgeous* outside, not hot yet (amazingly), nice people, good times... hurrah! although i'd love to be on the coast too. :) have a wonderful rest of your trip!

whoops that was supposed to be a *west* coaster!
hope that didn't offend anyone's coastal sensibilities :)

It sounds like you had a fabulous time! Can't wait to see all your pictures when you get back. I must go to MS&W sometime so I can meet y'all!

[Notice the southern "y'all" I put in there just for you. My accent doesn't get more West Coast, though, bay-bee!]

Whoa whoa whoa, BOSTON!? You gonna have a few minutes? Seconds? Anything? When will you be here?

(I was denied the presence of the lovely R in DC, I shall try again!)

Lemme know when/if you two will be free for a bit!

Let me get this straight: you went to NY, then DC, then NY again, then Maryland, then Richmond, THEN Boston?!? Next time I advise looking at a map or consulting someone from the east before planning your itinerary, since clearly your understanding of east coast geography is a bit off.

But it sounds like you're having a great deal of fun, so I guess it doesn't matter much...

ooh, or just take me with you as your travel consultant!

btw, I LOVE the Frances books, especially the baby sister one (which I think someone bought me when my little sister was on the way).

I did not think I could be any more jealous of your incredible trip. But now that I hear you're going to Nantucket I may cry. It was my second home growing up and I haven't been there since my dad died in '94 (we had to sell the house). Enjoy it!

Oh, I love Boston! Thanks for chronicling your travels so we can live vicariously through you.

Bread and Jam for Frances is my favorite book too--I just love Frances!

this is a little belated but it was great meeting you at MDSW!

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