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Under ConstructionMay 18, 2004

Still fiddling with the site and its new name. It'll take a few days to go-go all the way over to yarnagogo, but with BRENNA'S awesome help, it'll happen. Seriously, typepad users? How much do we love her, our technical support? I haven't yet asked her a question to which the answer wasn't glaringly obvious once I understood it, but she never makes me feel stooopid. Not like the domain registrar's customer service dude today, with his heavy sighs and unwillingness to listen to me (and his ultimately wrong answers). And Brenna, I swear, works about 27 hours a day, 8 days a week. Props to you, gal. To Brenna's boss: Brenna needs a raise. A big one.

I added a kitty up top to the new graphic, see?

Such a dork, me. Mwah.


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I really like the new look and title! =)

Ps Is that you quoted in the latest Vogue Knitting? The minute I saw the tatoo pics I thought of your blog. =)

I'm loving ALL the details in the illustration, from the kitty eyeing the yarn to the flowers and the footrest. Nice new look, & yes, Brenna rocks the 'pad.

Wow, Rachael! This is all very exciting! I'm using Internet Explorer, and I can't see all of your new banner, though. Boo! The bottom is cut off -- looks like there's some writing in the bottom right-hand corner? Anyhoo, very cool. Now go and write something.

Works just fine on Mac IE. I think La Brainy is just being difficult. ;)

Love the addition of the kitty.

I've long thought that Brenna has more hours in her day than us mere mortals. She seems to always be working. And she's so gracious about dealing with problems that aren't really even Typepad issues (she helped me figure out why my virus protection software was blocking banner images).

Anyway, I love the new banner (though of course I miss the views of Venezia!), and I applaud the conceptual shift too. Embrace all the parts of you, and we'll embrace them too.

I *thought* the kitty was new! It's perfect.

OK, the girl sitting at the desk, bow in hair and seeming thoughtful and poised to write something...I hereby dub her Anne Shirley.

oh yeah, baby! write yarns, then knit yarns! Looks good, sounds good. We send woofs! and SNAPs!

Love the new look. I agree that Brenna must be immortal - she seems to always be on the job. She is truly gracious because I would be too embarrassed to list here the quality of STOOPID questions I have asked, to which she has answered quickly without comment on my lack of firing brain cells at that moment.

Happy, Happy, Rachael! Love the new look..Want you to know I'm cruising the vintage stores for a pair of go-go boots for you... don't make me bribe Bethany to tell me your shoe size...je, je (Miami-speak for heh, heh)

Oh, she does look like Anne (with an "e"). Love that you added the kitty at her feet. Big smooches!

I have to ask, what is wrong with that kitty? If the two points that are sticking out are ears, then its head is falling off. If one of the points is an ear and the other is its tongue, then its barfing up a hairball. Which is it? Or do I just need to get my glasses cleaned?

Yarn a go-gooooooooooooooooo! So you! I love the domain name and banner. I'll update your link over at my place right now...

excellent name -- but yarn-a-go-go makes me think of a nancy sinatra type wearing white go go boots and knitting in a cage ;)

the site looks great! i love that image... the kitty chasing the ball of yarn is particularly cute, as is the big ol' bow in the writer's hair! i was immersed in monty python last night when my partner pointed out that one of our kitties was having way too good of a time with a ball of wool... she was actually leaping into the air with joy. anyways, congrats! :)

Ok, Ryan's right -- the kitten does look a little awkward.....

Wow! I go away to a slumber party and when I come back you are declaring yourself a Writer first. How happy does that make me? Very, very!
I *accidentally* said out loud that I'm a Writer at almost the same exact moment you were making Your Banner Announcement....so that's double good luck. Which reminds me of the doublemint gum commercials....Betcha there are some of those white gogo boots just pining away for you in one of your local thrifty stores....

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