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Yarnagogo.comMay 18, 2004

Dude. Weird, huh? You like? I needed a clean-up, a little change. It’s like reorganizing the cupboards – addictive late at night.

Yarnagogo.com. That’s me now. You’ll see me around blogland with my new name. You can update your links, or you can leave ‘em (myglasshouse.typepad.com will also get to me). I’ll always be in a glass house, but I was ready to honor both parts of me: the writing and the knitting. I feel like I’ve spent too much time lately being a knitter. I’m forgetting that primarily, I’m a writer. My little writing/yarn gal up there will serve to remind me that the yarn is behind the desk, ready to be pulled out and played with after the writing is done for the day. I tell yarns, and I knit them. In that order.

You know?


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Very cool...I was drawn to your site for the knitting, and stayed because of your writing. I can't wait till your published so I can read more!xomj(ps...if you need a reader, count me in!)

Oooo. Someone is cracking the whip.

Looks like George is in bloom on top of your desk.As someone who is neither knitter nor writter but uses kneedles and pen I wish you well with your newly arranged priorities. Here's to creativity as living. Oh yes and to those moments that are for nothing just you :0)

I love it! Love the name, love the banner, love the thinking behind it. Have I mentioned lately that you rock?

Also,I, who cannot spell to save my life nor use correct punctuation or spelling loves to read someone who can and does with the added bonus that you have eyes that laugh.

Uh oh...someone's been digging into the clipart trunks again! Looks good, my dear.

Love it, love it, love it. Love it! Love you, too.

Right on, Rachael! I am back to writing myself. It is what I DO. If you ever wanna get together and share work -- I would be up for it. Oh..also I put together a Writer's Salon on the second Monday of each month at the Canvas Gallery in the city. Would love to see you there -- or even read.

I DO know! And I love it! (Where did you get that excellent graphic?) I'm amused by the coinkydink that this morning C & I were reading her new b'day book, The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathman, which is drawn in silhouette . . . Yarn on, my friend!

mazel tov on the domain!

and may I suggest you combine the two (yarn and writing) and send in an article for a future Knitty issue?


write me.

Love the new look! Congrats!

Change things up gurl!
Stir the energy and Go! Go!

It's been said before, but can't be said too much...You Rock!

I love it!

Looks great, and more importantly, SOUNDS great. I can't remember who posted that your writing was something that drew them in and danced them around... but it brought me here before I had a blog of my own.

And YEAH, write to Amy! I would love to read you in the "pages" of Knitty!

Love it! You go, yarnagogo!!

oh, how inspiring! of course, the one flaw with your otherwise perfect silouette is that there is no little kitty stalking that errant yarn-ball. At least in MY house, no yarn balls are allowed the luxury of roaming free... at least not unless they choose to run the risk of becoming the latest in a long line of "things that weren't supposed to be kitty toys, but are now!"


Well....yeah, there's a yarn ball *behind* the writer, but there's also one in *front* of her! Either tempting her to knit instead of write, or perhaps to remind her of the goodies awaiting at the end of the writing session.

And I vote to assume there *is* a kitty in the picture, snoozing away inside the desk where we can't see him!

Love, love, love the new masthead. I think you need a Yarn-A-Go-Go Cafe Press store. ;)

Funny how these things are synchronous, I started a children's book that I've had in my head for ages last night. It'll be the second one I've written this year. Can't wait to read what you're up to.

Oh, yeah- definitely need that logo on a t-shirt.

And hey, stay outta my brain!! I've been thinking that I need to focus more on my writing, and lighten up (just a bit) on the knitting.

what a good idea. Despite my best efforts, I have been less than mesmerized with the whole knitting phenomenon and while I always enjoy seeing what you've made, I look forward to hearing about your writing. Bon chance!

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