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$1600June 11, 2004


Can you frikken believe that? I am amazed and soooo happy. And that only reflects back donations made Wednesday or before, so if more has trickled in since then, I wouldn’t see it yet. On second thought, that means that money was raised in THREE DAYS. Holy sheep.

Frankly, I’m stunned. Really. I thought, eh. I’ll get a little change from people, maybe a couple hundred. Nope, sixTEEN hundred, baby. And really, while my bottom line goal (and requirement) is $3000, I had kinda said if I only get $2300 or so by the end of fundraising, that’s okay, too. I’m happy to kick myself $700 to make up the difference and call it My Hawaiian Vacation, since the AIDS Marathon provides airfare and three nights hotel stay. So, really HOW CLOSE AM I?

SO close. Thanks to you. I’m amazed by your generosity.

Listen, if you don’t mind, I want EVERYONE who donated to please send me their address (unless you wish to remain anonymous, but I can already see your name on my list....) so I can get thanks out there. Hit my email at writerach406@yahoo.com -- I’ll be listing you by first name on the site, so include your blog, if you have one. I probably know what/where it is, but I don’t trust myself, in this excited state, to find it. (And hey, if you want to donate, there’s still plenty of time.)

You really are the most wonderful, amazing, generous people in the world, you know that? I have to go run now, to burn off some off this nervous energy.... And oooh, barbeque smoke is coming from somewhere into my windows. Yum. It’s a happy, happy afternoon.

Thank you. Thank you!


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I'm so proud of you!!! And just think, you don't have to stop when you hit the $3000 goal, either. You can just keep going, and going, and going...

All the more $$ to help eradicate AIDS, right?

Woo hoo! We've recently been in touch; let me know if you want any other info from me.

Oh, and a fundraiser tip (if you're interested): I biked in the MS Bike tour in Vancouver last year, and at the last minute decided to jump onto the garage sale bandwagon with a bunch of my neighbours. I had about an hour to collect stuff from the house to force on people *ahem* sell to people, and I put up a sign saying where the money would be going and I explained it to many people. I didn't put a price on anything, and some people gave me $5 for a book (and others a quarter, predictably). In two hours I raised $45, and was very happy. Imagine what could be raised with a little planning!

That's SO cool! You should put it in your sidebar, you know - a nice button with a Sponsor You link....

Great but not surprising news....you make a commitment and people who know you understand it'll happen even if it involves you in a certain amount of discomfort :0) So what else would they do but support you.
Glad you've returned home safe, trust it was a REAL break and that you'll remember that trick you practiced whilst away...sleeping in, resting and not running the whole time:0)

I am so psyched for you that you are making this committment to the race - and it doesn't surprise me in the least that you already have $1600 raised (if not more by now). Enjoy the whole process - I have a few friends who worked with T.I.T. and loved it!

You go, girl! The donations will just keep rolling in. I'm already planning on baking a pie for the BBQ.

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