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June 7, 2004

***ADDED LATER -- I freaking hate asking for money. Please know that if you can't (or just simply don't want to) donate anything, I still adore you. And every pledge, even if it's $3.75, is vastly, incredibly appreciated. Okay, just had to add that. Back to it (and to my break).******


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HUGS! You did the hard part, now please DO actually take a break and know that we'll take care of the rest!

Hey, don't sweat it, its for a great cause!

I know how you feel. I once did a 24-Hour Relay as a fundraiser, and each team member was supposed to raise $200. I was so embarrassed to ask anyone to pledge me that I just put in the money myself. Erk - never again!
Don't worry, it's for a good cause ... and you ARE the one doing the hard part (running!).

Nothing wrong with asking for help for a good cause! Happens around here all the time.

That being said, I'm fascinated by the concept of a three-mile-around lake, though. Sounds more Pondesque. (Okay, so I'm not so objective here in the Great Lake state).

Anyway, I'll be happy to support you.

Most people hate asking for money, but you really don't have to hate it. What's wrong with asking? Why hate it? What you are doing has a value that is greater than that of the money! And it interests people and they want to help. :-) Go go go!

Hey I was so impressed that you would even THINK of running a marathon for a cause, that I donated. You need one of those United Way style bars so we can see your money progress. And a button we can download to our own blogs!
Run, Rachel, Run!!

I actually thought that bar at the top of the donation form was a progress bar. I kept looking and thinking why is is staying at $30? Duh...it is miles--3. :) You will keep us informed about your donation progress, right?

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