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And this: June 30, 2004

Good grief.



Aiiiiyeeeeaiiiiyowyowyow! That's the sound of me jumping up and down all over my living room and dining room, waving my hands and stomping my feet. It ain't pretty. Both cats are now under the bed.

Sandy and Don were the two who put me over the top. Bless your hearts, both of you, ALL of you. Greta, honey, you were right. It happened. And how.

I'm changing the donate button over there to direct to the Team 911 pledge site ("The only thing we're used to running is a hot bath"). If you'd still like to donate, it'll go to getting my three fabulous wonderful coworkers to the run. And you'll still get my undying thanks and your name listed and some stitch-markers, to boot.

IT'S NOT EVEN JULY YET! I thought I'd be struggling with this until, like, November.

Bless your hearts, every one of y'all. Love love love.

Aaaayoweeyowweeeeeeeeaiiiiiiaaaaaioooooooohooogah! I have to go try to calm down.... No, why bother? Yipppppeeeee!


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Rachael - I'm just catching up in my blog reading, and am sad to learn about the attack on your friend. But, as you said, not so much because it was against someone you know, but because it would happen at all. On a totally unrelated note, I had a dream last night that I met you in a yarn store. Kinda trippy. Congrats on reaching your $3,000 goal!

Three cheers for Rachael and Team 911! Hip hip! Hurray! Hip hip! Hurray! Hip hip! Hurray!!!!!!

I'm jumping up and down too. For you, for me, for love of life! Oh and mostly for love! Love ya, kiddo! A whole bunch!

And P.S. Big news coming in the next day or so on my blog. mwah!

Yay! Don't calm down, use that energy to keep you going on your next run. Thanks for continuing to inspire us, first with your knitting and writing, now with your marathon running (I have so much faith in you that it's a done deal in my mind).

You rock Knitty, girlfriend! I am so proud of you, and of course the article is great, and I have the thrill of having been in your company when the wedding words were germinating. I'm up past midnight to read and write you, baby! And Maureen done good, too ~ we're there in the pix, our first hour together, wow.
Of course you raised the money. Duh. Proud there, too. MWah!

Congrats, kiddo. And you didn't even have to do the $1 thing.... Way To Go! (ps - the article made me get all teary and smiley.xoxo)

Hey, my name is Rachel, I live in Oakland, I love to knit and I'm doing the AIDS Marathon. But you got there first, I'm doing New Orleans in February. And here I was thinking I was original :P

Strangely enough, I too don't really run at all, or I didn't until June 7. I'm only running two miles right now and seeing your progress is really heartening. All the best to you and your teammates, I'm sure you'll all do great.
Besides, you're a Rachael, and we rock!!

Good luck!! (this is my running blog if you're interested: http://www.livejournal/users/sharck)

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