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CatSleepJune 24, 2004

The cats and I sleep better together during the day. When I sleep nights on my weekend, I’m up at 5am to feed them, separately. Again at 5:30 to pick up the bowls and un-separate them. And then solidly awake to their morning yowls until about 8am, when they finally settle down and want to sleep again.

But during the day, I hit the bed at about 8am, and they’re right there with me. Digit used to sleep by my head exclusively, since he HATED Adah for years, but now that he tolerates her, he’ll sleep like this.


Heh. Adah is a stretched-out cat. She’s naturally trusting, and assumes this pose without thinking. Digit, however, would rather die than see this photo. Him? Stretched out like that? No. He’s too tough for that.

Went to yoga for the first time in a long time last night before work. And ohmygod, it kicked my ass. I swear, I sweated more doing yoga last night than I do on a three mile run. And it ain’t even bikram. It was a new studio, and the teacher, a wonderful new-age-skinny kind of man with a deep voice read us poetry during the rest time at the end. I got into my first handstand ever. Of course, that’s only because in the pairing up of partners, I looked to my right and left a little late and I was odd girl out. So I got to work with the teacher. It is weird, folks, to meet a man, chat a little, and then put your hands on the floor between his feet, lean into his knees and have him balance you at the waist while you kick yourself up. Weird. But really super cool, too.

And now I gotta get going, ‘cause I’m meeting Christy at the pool to run. It’s a lovely afternoon, and having her with me will prevent me from dying of boredom. Perhaps. I hope.

I love Rosenblum! Soooo excited....


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Oh, sigh. Rub those kitty bellies for me....

Awww...the kitties are so relaxed and cute. Tough being a kitty, isn't it? I miss yoga. I used to do yoga and run. The yoga really helped my alignment and breathing during the running. Plus it's good to stretch. I have motivation issues!

I have a similar incriminating picture of Scout with a bonny wee lass of a kitty. Yoga sounds AMAZING.

Igor is currently sleeping on my computer. Perhaps we all should emulate our cats.

Standing on your hands comes in handy when baby sitting little boys. Goes over big. (Bought a bottle of Rosenblum Viognier in honor of your sponsorship coup!)

Congratulations on the handstand, Rachael! I remember my first. Took a lot to get over the whole body image thing. No way my lower half was going to be supported by my upper half. What a feeling of accomplishment! We should yoga together sometime. I could do a private session for you.

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